Banking Is Not Number Crunching!

A lot of people assume that programs like MBA in Banking Management or other finance related courses are more about number crunching. But this isn’t true. MBA in Banking Management, finance courses, and other banking related programs can be very interesting. After all, coupling the right knowledge with ample practical exposure is the perfect way to maximize the learning for students. Choosing a good college is of paramount importance when it comes to pursuing programs like MBA in Banking Management. Very few institutions like the Symbiosis School of Banking Management Pune (SSBM) are able to match up these criterions when it comes to niche programs like MBA in Banking Management.

As the Indian economy progresses, there is an increasing demand of managers in the banking sector. A gradual impact of this is an increasing dependence on places like SSBM. An improvisation over the existing Symbiosis MBA Finance, the Symbiosis Banking Management program has been created with a view to infuse fresh industry ready talent in the banking sector. For those aspiring to do a niche programs like MBA in Banking Management, students are now coming across interesting options like SSBM.

But, for aspirants to be able to make the right choice, it is imperative to understand the exact features of colleges that offer programs like MBA in Banking Management. Colleges like SSBM are able to offer the students much more than mere academic exposure. As a norm, SSBM has several student driven committees that expose them to different platforms. Some of these unique initiatives include a dedicated corporate social responsibility arm, sports wing, creative team and other interesting avenues.

Such initiatives ensure that the programs like MBA in Banking Management are not restricted to number crunching alone. In fact, such initiatives ensure that the students are given an outlet to vent out their stress. This also ensures that they learn the intricacies of the corporate sector before starting their profession. Opting for institutes like SSBM, guarantee the students a better learning opportunity. This in turn materializes in terms of better placement opportunities and a firmer knowledge background prior to joining the workf

The Symbiosis MBA Finance was a first of its kind initiative that addressed the need of the ever growing finance sector is a major way. In fact, not so long ago India’s banking and finance sector were almost identical. The graduates coming with degrees like Symbiosis MBA finance sufficed for the requirements of the banking industry as well. But with changing times, it was realized that India’s banking sector is different and so are its requirements. The banking sector is growing and so is its demand for well trained professionals. As a response to this changing trend, academicians came forth with the need of a dedicated MBA in Banking Management. Institutions like Symbiosis School of Banking Management Pune (SSBM) have been initiated with a view to address this demand.

Their MBA in Banking Management is amongst the few reputed programs in the country that is able to adapt itself to the changing needs of the industry and accordingly deliver. Schools like SSBM have incorporated several unique features like dedicated committees that work on conducting several extra-curricular activities and even social welfare initiatives. This gives the students a fertile learning environment that allows them to broaden their horizons and develop a skill set more apt to the requirements of the industry. The ultimate motive of institutions like SSBM is to ensure that the students get industry relevant training.

This makes the MBA in Banking Management program more suited to present trends. In fact, a clear impact of the effectiveness of program like the MBA in Banking Management is seen in terms of the placements that students get post completion of their courses. It is because of these reasons a lot of students are seen giving importance to placement as a criterion that decides their admission.

Recently, SSBM released its final placement report and the figures reiterated the growing demands of the banking sector. Students were offered a mix of profiles from retail banking and banking analyst. Big names from the banking industry came down to the SSBM campus in order to recruit as per their requirements. A lot of people believe India is still suffering the side effects of recession. However, the recent MBA in Banking Management program at SSBM clearly proved otherwise. Students were offered diverse profiles at decent salaries. Active participation of public sector and foreign banks were a highlight of the placement season.

All in all, placements of institutes like SSBM showcase the fact that the Indian banking sector is resilient to the after effects of recession and is continuing to grow at an exponential phase.


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