Examples Of Economics Thesis and Dissertation Topic Ideas for American Students

Economics students in American colleges and universities are required to develop a thesis or dissertation paper in their final year of study. Before a student can commence writing the proposal, he is required to develop a topic for research. Though developing a topic is the simplest task that takes less than an hour, most students face difficulties in writing a winning economics topic, leading to immense frustrations and despair. Some students even defer their studies citing lack of preparedness in writing these final papers. This article is dedicated to American students struggling to develop a research topic for their economics thesis or dissertation paper. We will discuss some of the contemporary topics ideas that they can write about and earn excellent marks. We will also guide the student on how to develop a good economics topic.
How to develop an Economics thesis or dissertation topic: According to scholars and researchers Economics can be defined as a science that deals with studying how goods are produced, patterns of consumption and creation and transfer of wealth. Economists also study how individuals and nations allocate scarce resource to maximize satisfaction. Therefore, Economics can be categorized into Microeconomics (deals with individual and industry) and Macroeconomics (deals with aggregate economy). When developing a research topic in Economics, it is imperative to distinguish whether you would like to study individuals and industry or an entire economy.
A good topic should have two or more variables namely independent, dependent and covariate or mediating variable. An independent variable in a system of equation is a variable that does not change and predicts the outcome. A dependent variable is a variable that is not constant and keep on changing depending on other factors. A good topic should present a dependent and independent variable. For example, if a student decides to study the effect of private investment on GDP. Private investment becomes the independent variable while GDP becomes the dependent variable.
Below are Economics topic ideas for American college and university students who are struggling to write dissertation and thesis papers.
* The effect of Fed rate hikes on the emerging markets: a case example of Brazil: this topic seeks to study what effect will recent Fed rate hikes will have on asset markets in emerging market such as Brazil.
* Volatility transmission between gold prices and gold equities in US: this topic will utilize econometric methods to study whether volatility in gold prices is transferable to gold stocks in the US.
* Economic theories, principles and models applicable in reviving US economy during the Global Financial Crisis: a student can study if quantitative easing adopted by the Fed in combating Global Financial Crisis was the right economic tool to revive the ailing economy.
* The effect of global terrorism on US economy The role of social entrepreneurship in spurring economic innovation in the US.
* Economic analysis of wine industry in the USA.
* Evolution of the green energy markets in the USA.
* Effects of Trump administration on the exchange rate and US equities index.
* A critical analysis of advantages and disadvantages of adopting crypto-currency as a store of value.


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