Features of Mybb, Installation, And Uninstallation on Hostgator

As many of you must know, that Mybb is on the top list of most reliable software for online forums. Mybb is an open source, it is free of cost, incredibly powerful, and extensible, and is the best solution to meet your business needs.

Features of Hostgator Mybb:

It is user-friendly, recommended by users, because it is easily understandable, and gives clear directions. On Hostgator Mybb is easily workable by any user, on discussion boards. It provides its users with enjoyable features such as, using the control panel, so they can easily change the display options of the discussion. The Hostgator Mybb can start and respond to discussions, and marks up the posts. It also let the user to use the inline editing feature, which handles the overflow of discussion and keeps it tidy.

Mybb provides you with a wide variety of features, and the best part is you can control every part of your discussion board. On Hostgator Mybb let you customize the board, like customizing its structure, layout, behavior, and options. You can control the posting time frame, so the user can only post on the time you have allowed.

Simply download plug-in systems, which will take a few minutes. When you are done installing plug-ins, you will be able to use all the advance systems that are offered in bulletin boards. In simple words, Hostgator Mybb provides you the opportunity to do anything you like.

Installation on Hostgator Mybb:
Follow these 7 simple steps to install your free Mybb on Hostgator:

• Login to Hostgator
• Select quick installation section, it will be under software/services.
• Click on the Mybb link, it can be found under software selection, on the left side.
• Click on continue.
• Provide your URL address, to where you need to install it. They will also ask for your admin email address, forum title, and site title. After filling the information, click on install.
• They will show the installation bar.
• Once installed, you will get the admin name and password. Keep this information safe, as you will need it to login to your forum.

After this, it will show a message of Mybb, being successful installed on your Hostgator account. If there is any problem related to this, you can email, or call the Hostgator customer services. As they are present 24/7 and you can call them form any part of the world.

How to Uninstall Mybb:
If you have downloaded the Mybb successfully, and need to uninstall it, follow the steps given below:

• Login to your account.
• Go on quick install, to uninstall Hostgator Mybb.
• Click on manage installations, when you click on it you will get the list of all the applications you have installed.
Next, click on the Red Cross next to Mybb, to start the uninstallation process.
Once you click on the Red Cross, they will present you with two options, to cancel or Un-install Mybb, just click on uninstall.

This is a quick way of uninstalling Hostgator Mybb, whenever you need to. To use the features of Mybb again, you will need to reinstall it.

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