Here’s How Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Wield Heat Mapping Analysis to Optimize Landing Pages

Conversion rate optimization experts (CRO) specialize in optimizing website components like copywriting, web design, and programming to boost overall online sales and profits by up to 100% or more. In fact, when compared to SEO, PPC, Social Media, or even Content Marketing, CRO experts deliver significantly higher ROI for three simple reasons:

1.Conversion Rate Optimization Does Not Increase Marketing Costs

If you want to generate more online sales via SMM, SEO, or PPC, then you have to spend more money on marketing which lowers your return on investment, or ROI. But conversion rate optimization requires no investment in marketing or traffic to increase your conversions making every new sale far more profitable than a new sale from SEO, SMM, or PPC.

2. CRO Experts Only Focus on Increasing Your Online Conversions

SEO, SMM, and PPC companies are ultimately concentrating on driving more traffic to your site which is what all of their reports will highlight. But what they don’t mention is the fact that they are not paid to boost your conversions and they therefore don’t track this metric which is why you can never calculate the ROI from their services. But conversion rate experts are paid to increase your conversions with existing traffic channels making it simple to both calculate ROI and see exactly what you are paying for.

3. ROI Continues to Build with CRO Services

Because CRO experts make permanent changes to your website copywriting, web design, and programming, the increased conversions will continue to boost overall website profits for years to come.

It’s simple: Although SEO, PPC, and SMM are vital investments to grow your online business, conversion rate optimization delivers far higher ROI.

In every sense of the term, CRO is an absolute “game changer” that can literally boost online profits by 100% or more.

So how exactly do ROI experts deliver such high return on investment for their services, Well, one of the quickest ways to boost online sales and increase overall profits is to optimize the primary landing pages. In every sense, your landing or sales pages act like “virtual sales reps” and are designed to convert visitors into buyers or qualified leads at a consistent and profitable rate, at least ideally.

In practice, most landing pages are lucky if they are converting at 50% of their true potential. Of course, Internet Marketing experts could literally come to blows arguing about what exactly constitutes the “true potential” of a landing page. This is impossible to define with one sweeping statement since there are so many business models, price points, and other variables that impact the definition. But, a solid benchmark that applies to most landing pages would be this: A landing page should send 20% or more of total prospects to the next stage in the sales funnel, ideally a shopping cart or sign up page.

To accomplish this objective and to optimize landing pages, sales pages, and product descriptions, conversion rate optimization experts use heat mapping analysis. So rather than get bogged down in endless split testing or completely revamping landing pages from scratch, the heat mapping analysis allows CRO experts to:

1. Isolate Weak Copywriting Down to the Sentence Level

Heat maps are actually an aggregation of data compiled from recording the mouse scrolling movements of visitors to a website. These heat maps will show you exactly where visitors are leaving the landing page, right down to the sentence level. This allows CRO experts to find the weak copywriting tools and fix them while leaving all the functioning content in place.

2. Calculate CTR of All CTA’s on the Page

Any given landing page might have 3-6 CTA’s (a couple Buy Now buttons, maybe a Sign Up link for a lead generating product, etc.) and it is important to know the CTR (click thru rate) for each CTA because it tells you whether the CTA is effective or not. However, trying to calculate this CTR using conventional traffic analysis tools is nearly impossible since most applications are only tracking the exit and entrance rates for the entire page, not individual CTA’s. With heat mapping analysis, conversion rate optimization experts can quickly determine the CTR for all CTA’s and quickly isolate those that need some work.

Conversion rate optimization experts employ advanced tools like heat mapping analysis to zero-in on all of the little problems that are bleeding away your online sales. For landing, sales, and product description pages, heat mapping analysis is the quickest and most efficient method for identifying the specific issues that are hindering conversions.


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