No Checking Account, What Options Do I Have,

Turned down when trying to open a new checking account, Having a checking account is often taken for granted by those who have never had money problems. Money management is much easier when you have a checking account to work with.

*write checks

*pay bills online

*automatic deposits and drafts

*account transfers

These options bring ease of money management. Without them, money management is still possible but may take more steps that include fees. Before you seek out check cashing companies, you will want to pursue your quest for a bank or credit union that will work with you.

If you have any negative reports sent to ChexSystems, they will need to be cleared up first. If you owe a bank money, give them a call and work out a payment plan. You may have to open a CD to be used as collateral for a new account. If you go to a credit union, they may at least allow you to open up a savings account. It will take time to rebuild trust with banks. The fees for new accounts are typically higher for those with marks on their ChexSystem records so prepare yourself to pay higher monthly fees if you are approved. Until you are approved, you will need to make a plan to manage your monthly expenses.

*Make cash payments in person. Never mail cash.

*Use money orders. If no account with a bank or credit union, you can get one at a post office, grocery store and many other convenient locations. Shop around for the best price and include your account number on the check.

*Give money to a friends or family member who does have a bank account. Once again, make sure the memo line has your information on it so it is applied to the proper account.

*Purchase a prepaid credit card which will allow you to pay bills online.

*Western Union or use check cashing stores with the lowest fees.

It takes good money management skills to keep everything on track whether you work through a checking account or not. Ask the branch manager for advice on how to improve your situation so a checking account is not so far out of reach.

Don’t give up. Consider all options to build up a better budget system. Choose the one that works for you. If you have to save in order to pay off an old debt or for a down payment to open an account focus on getting it done as fast as you can.

*Use prepaid cards to shop rather than credit cards. It will help you from overspending or worrying about additional debt payments.

*Fall back to the envelope budgeting system and use cash for everything.

*Cut out all non-essentials.

Break spending or bad management habits that put you in this place to begin with. The worse your financial situation is in, the more it will cost you to get any kind of help. If you can build a great budget and keep money management in order you won’t have to spend your income on bank fees and money charges or settle for payday loan help. If you do need help, get it. Make your situation better as fast as you can. You will save lots of money in the long run and end up qualifying for a checking account.


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