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Acri.Pro Review – Learn More Now ~TOP 100 Forex Broker

Acri.Pro Review – Learn More Now ~TOP 100 Forex Broker
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Acri.pro Review – A New Broker In The Mix

in our Acri.pro review, we will look a bit deeper into this new brokerage; not a lot of information is available besides what they told us and what we could read on their website and when we opened an account. we encourage you to do your research and try for yourself  ( we also would love to hear about your experiences)

Acri.pro review
Acri.pro review


Acri.pro is a Forex broker that offers numerous financial products under a single roof, which conveniently attracts a huge chunk of retail traders from the global pool of investors across the various financial markets.

Acri.pro review started its brokerage service in 2020. It has ever since been on an upward trajectory by incorporating new products and improving its overall service offerings to meet its customers’ demands. Acri.pro is NOT a market maker broker and offers a standard FX brokerage service with a range of features that one can expect from a regular STP broker.

In this Acri.pro review, our primary aim is to offer you the best information regarding the Broker’s performance and whether your funds are secured and safeguarded against the most known broker issues.

Is Acri.pro Regulated Through Proper Channels?

Acri.pro does seem to be a genuine and reliable broker, but there is a lot of confusion on the regulatory aspect. Acri.pro is located in St Vincent and Grenadines.

After an in-depth investigation, it became apparent that Acri.pro is corporated under company number: REG 1070 LLC 2021. Its address of registration is the address: the financial service centre, Stoney Ground, Kingstown. ST. Vincent and the Grenadines. The processing and clearing company” ITM SOLUTIONS LLC, Incorporation” under company Number REG 1070 LLC 2021 has registered address ST. Vincent and the Grenadines and is not regulated.

The company is explicitly clear that it does not provide any services for traders from the US, Japan, and Australia. Therefore, it is ultimately clear that Acri.pro is not regulated.

why acri.pro
Why are? pro

Acri.pro Review | What Are The Acri.pro Account Funding Options & Cost Of Trading?

There are four types of accounts offered by Acri pro for all clients opening a statement with the Broker.

Acri.pro used to stipulate a minimum deposit of $1000. Still, they have soon realized that a lack of regulation or any other innovative benefits to the trader will prevent traders from opening an account for a significant amount of money.

Therefore, Acri.pro now offers a trading account for only $250, and traders are also provided with an Acri pro bonus on all deposits up to 50% on the initial deposit.

More bonus options are available for traders to test the platform using real money without actually investing a dime. This is one of the enormous benefits of opening an Acri.pro account.

The bonus and profits can only be withdrawn after satisfying several conditions, and it is the responsibility of the traders to evaluate these conditions properly before trading with Acri.pro.

The maximum Acri.pro leverage is 1:200, which is certainly a respectable amount of leverage. A margin of 1:200 is neither too huge nor too low, as it is easy for traders to strike a balance between risk and reward—the one aspect where Acri.pro. Live excels in the industry is when one considers the cost of trading, which is one of the best trading conditions ever offered by an STP market maker broker.

The Broker spreads start from 0.3 pips with no commissions, which provides ECN like trading environment without the cost. An Acripro trading account is the best option available in the market if you are looking for the tightest spreads and the lowest cost of trading.

Every Acri.pro client has access to global financial markets to trade currency pairs, indices, metals, commodities, options, shares, and other ETFs. It is usually tough to find a broker that offers so many different financial instruments for a small deposit, making Acripro one of the few mainstream Forex brokers that provide its traders with the option of diversifying their investment portfolio.

Acri.pro trading platforms
Acri.pro trading platforms

Trading On A Proprietary Acri.pro Platform

Acri.pro Review of the Acri pro trading platform shows us that it is not like any other interface currently available in the market. Unlike conventional platforms such as the MT4, the Acri.pro live platform offers revolutionary platform access to the different markets. The Acri pro Platform platform can be utilized across all Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, including an Acri.pro. Live mobile trading platform will surely help the Broker’s chances of catering to a large group of mobile traders who wish to trade on the go.

The Acri.pro platform has all the essential features that one would expect from a Forex trading platform, but it does not have the skill and performance compared to the MT4.

Why Should I Choose Acri.pro?

Acripro has a tough job of convincing traders to open an account, especially since the Broker does not have a valid regulatory status. But the advantages regarding the lower cost of trading, small initial deposit option, acceptable leverage, and an excellent customer service channel should enable traders to enjoy an overall excellent brokerage service.

Acri pro can indeed work towards improving its positioning in the industry by being regulated by a regulatory body and redesigning its website to offer more information to the trader.

The well-designed website is clear. Having a feature-rich web page will help traders get more information on the brokerage services and help clients trust the company to make an actual investment. The Acri.pro bonuses and free educational tools are excellent incentives for traders to test the Broker before investing with the company.


Can I try acri.pro before I buy?

Yes. acri.pro they offer a full service demo account , you have to ask for the demo account , talk to any account manager and they will be able to set you up.

What funding methods do acri.pro accept?

acri.pro offers wire transfer and credit cards ( master, visa), and now they also accept bitcoin. There might be more cryptocurrencies that acri.pro receives as deposits, but they did not at the time of this review.

Is acri.pro safe?

acri.pro is using segregated acounts for your funds. this means thatyour funds for yourtrading accounts are not mixed the funds for running the company. this is consider a save solutions.

How can I start trading with acri.pro

You enter the acri.pro website and register; after this, you need to send specific KYC documentation for verification and ensure that the accounts are not for money laundering. After you deposit funds into your account, you can trade.

Is acri.pro a market maker?

acri.pro is not a market maker, they function as a STP brokerage

Does acri.pro have fees?

Acri.pro charges for every position you open a small fee; this is called the spread, this is how they earn their commission.

Can you make money with acri.pro

If you know how to trade and do not make the mistakes of being uneducated and greedy, then yes, you control if you are profitable or not. acri.pro offers the trading platform and the financial instruments, but ultimately you are the one that is trading.

Does acri.pro offer negative balance protection?

Yes. acri.pro offers a negative balance protection; you are not able to loose more funds than are present in your trading account

Does acri.pro allow hedging?

Yes. acri.pro allows hedging , they have no restrictions on your trading strategy

Does acri.pro offer CFD trading?

Does acri.pro offer STP?

Yes acri.pro is a stp brokerage . (Straight Through Processing) technology requires no dealing desk and is the model which is used by Acri Pro

How many people use acri.pro

currently acri.pro has a client base of a few thousand traders globally and work hard to increase this number.

Does acri.pro offer an Islamic account?

Yes. acri.pro offers an Islamic Account. you have to ask your account manager to open this for you after you have registered.

What is the minimum deposit for acri.pro

The minimum deposit at Acri.pro is $250

Is acri.pro a con?

Acri.pro is not a con. They are a forex brokerage that does not hold a European regulation but work according to the same rules. This opinion is off November 2021. check back now and then to see if this has changed.



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