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Patricia has reaffirmed its dedication to making business, personal, and other financial transactions truly cashless in the nearest future through the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As a show of its commitment, the company has added some innovative products to their existing options.

Some of their services include trading and storing Bitcoin, trading gift cards, the Patricia Refill which allows users to convert airtime into cash, PatriciaPay which is a Bitcoin payment solution, the innovative new device called ‘HANK’ which helps customers track and find any missing item, and many more.

One could say that the major aim of Patricia is to provide a platform where users can make a variety of activities, all in a digital and convenient setting. By so doing, the company aims at creating a perfect market that will take Africa into the digital era.

A Brief History of Patricia

Patricia was founded on August 16th, 2017, and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Patricia Technologies Limited, in Lekki, Lagos. The company started in a small office space, designed to serve, not more than 80 clients. Today, however, the company has grown to an impressive standing on a global scale and is recognized as the biggest cryptocurrency company in Nigeria and one of the fastest-growing Bitcoin brands in Africa.

The company now caters to over 15,000 clients daily and has established several branches across the globe including China, Ghana, and Dubai.


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Products and Services Offered by Patricia

Here are the major services Patricia offer:

1- Buying and selling gift cards

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Patricia offers its customers a basket of more than 30 gift cards with which they could trade. These gift cards include Steam, iTunes, Amazon, Google, Apple Universal,, G2A, Walmart, Footlocker, Target, Home Depot, Vanilla, Xbox, JCPenney, and about 24 others.

2- Buying and selling digital currencies

Digital currencies available for trading on Patricia include Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and PayPal.

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3- Refill

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With this product, Patricia makes it incredibly convenient and easy for users to pay bills using either cryptocurrency or fiat. Some of the bills you can pay for using Refill include airtime and data subscription, cable TV and internet subscription, electricity bills, educational bills, and many more. Interestingly, you can also resell airtime you don’t need for cash using the Refill option.

4- Patricia debit cards

The digital assets company offers two kinds of debit cards, including:

Virtual card

The virtual card allows users to withdraw funds from any ATM across the globe and perform online transactions. All the customer has to do is customize a virtual card containing their preferred currency and amount.

Physical Card

The physical card has been lauded as Africa’s first debit card, which allows users to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions. The card, which is secured by a chip and pin technology, is widely accepted by all payment channels and banks in Nigeria.

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5- Patricia Business

Patricia Business is a new payment solution from the company set to be released soon. The company has said that this product will allow businesses and merchants to receive fast and seamless Bitcoin payments from their customers anywhere on the planet and receive the payment in local currency. This gives local businesses and merchants the ability to expand their accessibility across the globe with ease.

Although the company hasn’t given much information on this new service, it is expected to be a game-changer for e-commerce operations in Nigeria and Africa.

6- Hank

Another innovative product from Patricia set to drop soon is the Hank tracking device.

Hank is a tracking device that allows you to locate or track your lost items, through your mobile phone. The device is designed with Bluetooth and GPS tracking, which helps you discover your valuables in no time.

You can place a Hank on items like your bags, key holders, luggage, and any other item you desire to monitor. It is easy to use and maintain, durable, and is readily accessible via the Patricia App.

Hank comes in different styles including Luxury, Adventurer, Candy Floss, and Black Panther.

How Does It Work?

A speaker and an LED light are in-built into the device, which makes it easy to locate. Once you click a button on your phone, the tracker begins to make a loud-pitched sound and flashes its LED light. Likewise, if you cannot find your mobile phone, simply press the button on the Hank device to make your phone ring aloud. This alarm system goes off even when your phone is on silent or DND mode.

To use Hank, you have to purchase the device and subscribe to the service through the Patricia App. Subscription is not device-based but account-based, meaning that you can share one subscription for several Hank devices. However, there’s a limit to the number of Hank you can own and it all depends on your subscription plan.

Although the device is not available yet, presales have begun already and deliveries will be made to customers in about a month.

With its basket of products and services, Patricia continues to solidify its base as the biggest cryptocurrency/e-commerce export out of Africa.