Best Recovery firm for fund recovery


Best Recovery firm for fund recovery

Certain brokerages are opened with the aim to gain as much as possible in the shortest time available. This results to unethical working methods, extremely aggressive sales methods and above all, refusal of withdrawals request or even worse, complete disappearance from the market. As we are sure you are familiar or might have encountered such, some of our people took a look at GlobalRecoveryAlliance, a firm located in Central Europe and operational offices in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Address – 3012-Weena office complex , Rotterdam , Netherlands
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 Asset Recoveryglobalrecoveryalliance

These days, online trading is immensely popular making it very easy for one to choose a broker and start trading currencies, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

With a tremendous offer of brokers offering their services available in the market, it has become just as easy although to choose a broker that eventually will leave you with unpaid withdrawals or in the worst case, no returns at all for a variety of reasons.

Due to the rising number of victims of financial frauds, a company named Globalrecoveryalliance was called in order to assist people with reclaiming their unrightfully taken funds. (Also called Asset Recovery)

Globalrecoveryalliance opened its doors for individuals over a decade ago and has assisted over 3200 clients with their recovery services leading to a returned sum exceeding 20 million dollars. A staggering number of 1450 of cases speaks completely for itself leading to some impressive overall statistics compared to other recovery companies in the industry.

Location and Transparency

With its headquarters located in Central Europe and operational offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, a team of 35 employees with mostly legal backgrounds are handling cases varying from brokers which stole client funds and completely disappeared from the globe to simple cases where a broker refuses to process withdrawal requests.

The Strategy

A big plus when approaching Globalrecoveryalliance is a free first consultation session in which a professional will gather details based on the information you will provide.  An assessment will be made after which you will be called back to discuss the overall evaluation of your case. This does not mean GRA works pro bono but what it does mean is that before proceeding, you will get an honest opinion about the potential of your case.

Following the assessment, there are a number of options but in many cases, cross border examinations will be made, consultations with affiliates and law enforcement specialist in the jurisdiction which is relevant to your case and most importantly, the approach towards the (mostly) broker in matter will follow.

Additional Services

In addition to the above, GRA also provides a significant number of additional services varying, but not limited to:

  1. Business strategy consulting
  2. Tax planning
  3. Global representation
  4. Corporate – and individual intelligence (Based upon Jurisdiction)

These are interesting additional services which all together, add more value to GlobalRecoveryAlliance compared to other identical irms in the industry.

Our Opinion

After evaluating GlobalRecoveryAlliance, we came to the conclusion that among the asset recovery firms, GRA stands out with head and shoulders. Many firms these days are paying too much attention to immediate profits resulting in excessive expenses when looking for debt recovery. Due to their first free consultancy, a massive advantage is gained as you will get a clean look at the potential of your case.

In case you are a victim from a financial fraud, leave them your details and at least check what they can do for you!

Visit their Site here

contact details –
Address – 3012-Weena office complex , Rotterdam , Netherlands
Phone – +31 102680193
Email –


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