Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin live trading 24/7

You are watching a very unique Bitcoin technical analysis.
It use Fibonacci ratios + support/resistance to find the best zones to enter and exit the market.
Here’s what to know when looking at the charts:

– Green and red rectangles are BUY and SELL area. The best ones are the big rectangles.
– The blue triangle help us seeing where we can expect ranging price action and be on the lookout for our best trades which are the trend continuation and the trend reversal breakout.
– Green horizontal lines help us to see the levels. We try to enter the market around these lines.

The software I use is Metatrader 4 (MT4)
The pricing feed is made by averaging prices at all the most popular crypto markets.
Get your free account and start trading BITCOIN, LITECOIN, ETHEREUM and many other popular pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD.


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