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7 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy for October

With so much death and economic destruction wrought by the novel coronavirus, it’s hard to find the silver lining. But if there is one on Wall Street, it’s the rise of artificial intelligence stocks. Yes, there is the profitability angle from machine learning and other relevant technology facilitates. But this crisis has been a crash course in the sector’s viability.
Hopefully, we won’t suffer a second wave like many European countries are experiencing because, you know, people can just get over themselves and wear a flipping mask in public. But even if we do succumb to a second round, eventually, this too shall pass. However, the return to some sense of normalcy will likely take time. Thus, we may depend on contactless platforms. Of course, this international emergency has provided an excellent arena for finetuning.
As well, it’s becoming clear that the scale and acceleration of our globalized economy is more than human brains can handle. Yes, we are the ultimate innovative species (as far as I know). However, machines can now play a major role in alleviating most if not one day all of our menial tasks. That frees us up for greater and more meaningful innovations, which is the underlying ethos of artificial intelligence stocks.InvestorPlace – Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips
This isn’t just techno-babble gibberish. For instance, the food supply chain was put under enormous stress during the peak of Covid-19. Well before the pandemic, many retailers partnered with AI programmers to develop enhanced forecasting and planning infrastructure. Now, this need has accelerated due to the baptism of fire. Therefore, these diverse artificial intelligence stocks could enjoy upside throughout this year and beyond.
Match Group (NASDAQ:MTCH)
Trade Desk (NASDAQ:TTD)

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Finally, not everything about AI has to be so serious. Since we’re conducting our business and personal affairs increasingly online, almost anything that we can think of, including love and dating, can benefit from the integration of man and machine. Since this dynamic is well under way, here are the seven artificial intelligence stocks from which you can profit.

Apple (AAPL)
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As the manufacturer of the now-iconic iPhone, Apple is more well known as a consumer electronics behemoth rather than an investment into artificial intelligence stocks. Certainly, the company can bank simply on the power of its globally recognized brand. However, what makes AAPL stock special is that management refuses to be satisfied with its prior accomplishments.
As evidence, consider Apple’s foray into electric vehicles. At one point, rumors circulated that hundreds of people were developing a car, one that could possibly compete with Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). Nowadays, it appears that the consumer tech firm is focusing on developing software for self-driving cars. If that’s the case, such a course would require significant innovations in AI, particularly machine learning.
Theoretically, Apple has a lot of practice in this arena thanks to its wealth of consumer data. In addition, the company has forged consumer friendly applications, such as palm rejection technology. This nifty development allows the iPad to recognize the difference between a deliberate input with the Apple Pencil versus accidental contact with a part of the hand.
Undoubtedly, most investors will buy AAPL stock for its ever-popular smart devices. However, those who are interested in artificial intelligence stocks should also give it serious consideration.

Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL)
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Whenever anyone talks about artificial intelligence stocks, Alphabet is one of the top names that’s mentioned and for good reason. Essentially, Alphabet’s Google owns the internet. As of July 2020, Google dominated desktop search engines with an 87% global market share. With figures like that, you’re bound to have a wealth of consumer data that other organizations can only dream about.
And with search dominance comes its web advertisement-driven revenue channels. Corporations spend billions buying up Google ads because that’s where the people are. In turn, Alphabet has gotten quite adept at utilizing its AI infrastructure to fine-tune what consumers want and just as importantly, when they want it. Additionally, thanks to its YouTube platform, Alphabet has years of valuable experience understanding and predicting consumer behavior.
Therefore, while GOOGL stock is often the target of social and political criticism, I don’t see the internet giant going anywhere but up over a long-term horizon.

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Plus, what really makes Alphabet stand out is its penchant for relevant acquisitions. For example, its DeepMind subsidiary specializes in traffic prediction algorithms. That’s not just important for everyday convenience but also as a framework for smart city infrastructures. Therefore, if you want more AI in your portfolio, go get some GOOGL stock.

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Although artificial intelligence stocks represent one of the hottest segments on Wall Street, individual names tend to be well-known entities. As such, they’re not exactly what you would call undervalued as they typically have already garnered much investor sentiment.
Well, IBM doesn’t have that problem. As a legacy tech giant, Big Blue has struggled over the years to shed its image of yesteryear innovations. Instead, management has pivoted to many relevant markets, including cloud computing and cybersecurity. However, IBM stock is frustrating, even in this year where it’s down 10% while other tech firms are up big.
Nevertheless, if you want to go against the grain with your artificial intelligence stocks, IBM offers the patient investor potentially significant upside. As you know, with its AI platform Watson, Big Blue has been helping multiple enterprises and industries maximize their efficiency. One particular area that I’m intrigued in is healthcare.
With the novel coronavirus having disrupted this sector, there’s never been a more critical time for improved efficiencies. Here, IBM could make a conspicuously positive impact, reducing administrative friction so that medical professionals can spend less time on paperwork and more time helping patients. Having learned tough lessons from the new normal, the pandemic could help IBM stock regain its footing.

Nvidia (NVDA)
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When you hear the brand Nvidia, most likely what comes to mind first is video games. And that’s not a bad thing, believe me. Before the pandemic, video games, especially the rise of eSports, helped drive the bullish case for NVDA stock. During the lockdowns and the new normal, this entertainment platform helped while away the hours when other options were off the table.
Despite its dominance in gaming, Nvidia would like to let you know that it’s one of the leaders in artificial intelligence stocks as well. The company’s partnership with Walmart (NYSE:WMT) illustrates this relationship perfectly. As a big-box retailer, Walmart must make critical decisions all the time about their inventory: how much to buy, when to ship them out and to which stores, among countless other concerns.
Fortunately, Walmart has advanced data analytics software that references back decades of data for hundreds of millions of products. But all that data processing requires sophisticated hardware – otherwise, you’re not going anywhere. That’s where Nvidia comes in with its graphics processors. Sure, they’re best known for their gaming applications, but they can do so much more.

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Not surprisingly, NVDA stock has significant links to other burgeoning industries, such as self-driving technologies and the blockchain. Therefore, you’ll want to keep this on your short list of artificial intelligence stocks to buy.

Tencent (TCEHY)
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Taking aside the politics, if you want to broaden your portfolio of artificial intelligence stocks, you should look at China. Companies like Tencent really are in an enviable position. For one, Tencent’s home market has blossomed into a technological powerhouse. Second, China’s massive population means ample room for growth, increased connectivity and the biggest data goldmine.
Further, Tencent has wide-reaching ambitions regarding its AI initiatives. As an internet content and social media network provider, the company is finetuning personalized advertisements and suggestions for its millions of users. In addition, Tencent is pursuing more serious endeavors, such as medical AI applications. Here, the idea is to use technology to help physicians detect and prevent the spread of disease.
With the coronavirus having originated from China – as President Trump reminds us every day – this application seems very relevant for TCEHY stock.
Of course, nothing can be divorced from politics these days and so it is with Tencent. As the owner of WeChat, the messaging/payments app has come under fire from the Trump administration. And that might mean TCEHY stock is on shaky ground, at least until we figure out who will run our nation on Nov. 3. Still, the opportunity for upside is tantalizing because of the aforementioned attributes of the home market.

Match Group (MTCH)
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Invariably, analyses of artificial intelligence stocks typically involve high-scale solutions. Over this list, we’ve covered the impact that AI can have on our purchasing decisions, interactions with machines, forecasting inventory demand and improving health outcomes. But AI doesn’t have to be so serious. Instead, it can help with that age-old longing for love.
That’s right, for those of who want to give Cupid an assist, online dating apps, such as those under the Match Group umbrella, may help accelerate your search for a soulmate. But what if Cupid needs help too? Increasingly, the mythical god has turned to artificial intelligence to help provide appropriate matchups.
In a way, this is the probably the most ingenious use of AI. By now, many of these dating sites and apps have collected an enormous amount of behavioral data. That’s also due to the stigma of online dating fading away. Plus, with the novel coronavirus disrupting offline dating, Match is one of the viable places to go. That right there is a great reason to consider MTCH stock.

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Better yet, Match is wising up to the power of AI to promote a safe dating environment. The company invested in Noonlight to provide safety features such as location tracking in case a meetup goes awry. That’s smart thinking, which should separate MTCH stock from other social networking investments.

Trade Desk (TTD)
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Well before the pandemic, the cord-cutting phenomenon was placing increased pressure on traditional cable TV providers. With the advent of connected TV and streaming services, these innovations sparked never-before-seen capabilities, such as on-demand viewing. Instead of people revolving their lives around content scheduling (as in linear TV), the new generation of entertainment adapted to the individual.
Following the coronavirus impact, the pressure to cut the cord intensified for many households. This was especially true during the early days of the crisis, when new content offerings were thin but the bills kept piling up. But pandemic or not, streaming and connected TV is here to stay. And that makes Trade Desk a relevant idea among artificial intelligence stocks.
Primarily, the company utilizes AI algorithms to maximize advertisers return for their connected TV dollars. That’s much easier now because Trade Desk has access to a wealth of viewership data. As a result, it’s able to pinpoint which advertising strategies will work best, bolstering the narrative for TTD stock.
Further, with live sports returning, Trade Desk may have an opportunity to evangelize its services. Because of the added cord-cutting pressures, the live sports streaming audience has probably increased significantly. That plays into the hands of TTD stock, where the underlying company can help advertisers plan for the possibility of games that go into overtime, which will likely feature a substantial uptick in engaged viewers.
On the date of publication, Josh Enomoto did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.
A former senior business analyst for Sony Electronics, Josh Enomoto has helped broker major contracts with Fortune Global 500 companies. Over the past several years, he has delivered unique, critical insights for the investment markets, as well as various other industries including legal, construction management, and healthcare.
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