Blocksquare takes Real estate Investments to the masses with their Series A Crowdsale

Blocksquare takes Real estate Investments to the masses with their Series A Crowd sale

EUROPE – April, 2018 – Blocksquare, a leading blockchain-based system that provides online real estate platforms a unique and new format as how to utilize blockchains to tokenized the real estate market, announce the opening of its Series A crowd sale.

Along with the launch of the Crowd sale, the company announces its first real estate property pilot program to be tokenized by Blocksquare.

With the turbulent state of the market in mind , the Series A crowd sale has a cap of 300,000 USD total and a price of 0.25 USD.

the pilot project which is performed with a partnership of Genii Capital presents the small investors the opportunity to buy into a popular multi-unit real estate property occupied by students in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

This was a well worth consideration as a pilot project for the following reasons:

1. The units sell out each year, making it a favorable investment and an opportunity for backers to acquire a fraction of a rent-generating property.

2. With more available properties comes more rent, which means higher demand for the Blocksquare token (BST).

Blocksquare isn’t just another ICO hoping to capitalize on the nascent cryptocurrency market.

 There is more to come from Blocksquare

It is planned that after the initial pilot project additional projects are brought forth in Switzerland Luxembourg and Croatia.

The reason behind the cap on the total amount of tokens to be releases is for Blocksquare the natural token flow and achieve greater impact on the crypto economy.

So why would this be interesting for small investors?

It allows people to enter without any minimum requirement. All that is needed is for the person to have an internet connection to purchase his or her tokens. It opens the global real estate market to the little people something that the entire concept of block chains supports.

They set themselves apart from other ICO’s this way as almost all other ICO’s are trying to get as much funding as possible, talking about millions.

Blocksquare’s network gives anyone the opportunity to trade tokenized assets freely and without too much hassle. In addition, the fact that here are no long-term obligations, gives people that are looking to get into the cryptocurrency industry an easy in.

To join this venture you will just open your browser and go to an online commercial real-estate company’s and use a widget similar to PayPal, to start.

Imagine the implication here. You receive a bit of money fro your aunt and instead of putting it at the bank where it will not do anything for you, you buy a bit of real estate that potentially will earn you money straight away.

“Taking in funding through a multi-series model allows us to be flexible, which is necessary in afluctuating market where conditions are not always perfect for ICOs,”

“Our community of supporters and people who share our vision are invaluable to us, so we’ve lowered the Series A token sale price and are offering all contributors an extra bonus due to the market drops. We’re building a strong community and are confident that our multi-series token sale model is the best approach for bringing real estate options to everyone.”

said Denis Petrovcic, co-founder and CEO at Blocksquare.

The details of the Crowd sale are here Below:

Series A Crowdsale: April 18th, 2018, 1500 GMT

Cap: 300,000 USD

Token Price: 0.25 USD

Minimum contribution: 0.2 ETH

Early-bird bonus for the first 60 minutes: 25%

  • 25% bonus ➡ April 18th 15.00 GMT — April 18th 16.00 GMT
  • 15% bonus ➡ April 18th 16.01 GMT — April 22nd 16.00 GMT
  • 7% bonus ➡ April 27th 16.01 GMT — May 4th 16.00 GMT
  • no bonus ➡ May 4th 16.01 GMT — May 11th 16.00 GMT

Built on the Ethereum network, Blocksquare is developing the infrastructure and standard for real estate tokenization and fractional ownership to open real estate ventures for the everyday internet user.

Making the Blocksquare Team stronger

In order to get themselves to the next level the company also understood it needs reinforcements of professionals that have the experience and know-how to matter.

As such they have acquired the services of the CEO of the prestigious real estate investment house The Blackmore Group, Philip Nunn.

Mr. Nunn will join the Advisory Board and with his experience and specializations in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology, Mr Nunn will bring some additional knowledge and wisdom to this already smart group of people.

When people were saying that the future is here, they were only understating it. We can actually see the future taking shape by efforts like these.

To learn more about how to contribute to Blocksquare during its public crowd sale and join the whitelist, visit

To learn more about Blocksquare, visit

Join the official Blocksquare group on Telegram to communicate with the team about the project and the token crowd sale here:

Blocksquare whats to come


Blocksquare, a blockchain system for commercial real estate tokenization, announced its crowdsale is open today, with a strong foundation in its first upcoming real estate pilot project.

Unlike other ICOs looking to capitalize on the crypto market, Block square is focused on building a strong community to bring real estate investment options to everyone. In response to market fluctuation, Blocksquare adjusted its crowd sale cap and is offering an added 25% bonus for backers. Blocksquare’s first real estate property pilot program is a multi-unit real estate property occupied by students. The favorable investment option allows backers to acquire a fraction of a rent-generating property –creating higher demand for Blocksquare’s token.

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