Cowboy or Business Entrepreneur,

Are you running your business like any type of “rdquo & Lone Ranger;, heroically and anonymously facing the dangers around you offwith at least one friend who can assist you , This is quite common in the world, and I will never deny that some cowboys do gain great success. But going it alone is not the way of the business perso: than were required to succeed in modern business you need more knowledge and skills.
After our “cowboy” instance, movies and writers glorify the life span of a cowboy, yet it was a life that is dangerous and difficult. And most cowboys were poor, living a life of famine and feast according to the seasons. But a lot of cowboys were different: they were utilized the experience of being on the trail and also entrepreneurs and creating networks of contacts in different towns to build a kind of business into which they invested money and their time. Oft need to worry about trade agreements, over regulation or other obstacles that many people face, but they did have to deal with violence and natural dangers that we never face. In the 21st Century, though immigrants come from places rife with lawlessness and violence, and they know to bring their skills of negotiation and risk management to the countries to which they have migrated. Once again, some decide to work on their own and others build and invest in a team to work with.
In the new Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency sector we can observe many &cowboys; ldquo & rdquo; trying to make lots of money for doing business without worrying about their community or the & ldquo; principles & rdquo and establishing business. We hear them yelling that there are no rules, that they’re free to do as they please… but then they need to exchange their virtual cash for tons of cold, hard money… their liberty to buy and sell bitcoins as they want seems to be tied to getting paid in what they, themselves are valuing as cash. Such is the life of the cowboy on the range, needing to be paid in legal tender, although taking cattle to market, knowing they’re worth a small fortune.
Modern business is really not very favorable to the loner entrepreneur: reduce risks, we will need to work together to leverage opportunity, and find solutions which are possible when we all participate. Yet I see individuals start off on their own, possibly because their work team is not up to teamwork or because they are loners, every day, and those ventures are ver difficult to develop into a significant success. Regrettably, many build on prosperity and the skills of the & ldquo; cowboy & rdquo;, but falter when this lone leader is unable to maintain the effort. This can happen to family businesses, farms, corporations, candy stores, even lemonade stands! If they are to grow and flourish, a team is needed by all businesses. And that team must become a community of stakeholders for lasting success. Do you have a team, Do you have a community,
Modern culture exists thanks to individuals working. To reap profits that are legal within culture, You need organizations in. That’s the reason why I work hard at bringing people and their voices. Are you ready to stop being cowboy, Need I say more, Contact me.
Manny Perez


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