Crypto Price Analysis Aug 15: BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK | The Union Journal

  • The crypto industry has seen a lot of strong performers in the last month or so.
  • While large rallies often inspire investors to buy more altcoins top-ranking coins are still the most popular.
  • All top coins show great performance, with Chainlink (LINK) being the biggest gainer of the last month.

The majority of the crypto sector is trading in the green, and according to many, this is only the beginning. As per usual, most eyes are on the industry’s largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, which is why their performance is often of biggest importance.


Bitcoin (BTC) price still struggles with the resistance level at $12,000, currently sitting slightly below it, at $11,888. The coin’s price currently sees 1.22% growth, compared to yesterday. If BTC manages to reach $12k, this will be the first time it has touched the barrier since August 10th.

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However, unless a stronger wave takes the price further up, BTC might see yet another rejection.


Ethereum price is growing by 2.37%, currently sitting at $437.79. This is the highest that ETH has been in over two years. The last time the coin’s value has been this high was on August 6th, 2018. However, back then, the price was spiraling down as part of the crypto winter’s effect.

ETH is still struggling with each resistance on its way up, although most of them are falling rather quickly, as the coin progresses further up.


XRP is usually late to most rallies, and it sometimes misses them entirely. However, there are instances when it does join, although it does it in a weaker fashion than most of its peers.

This time, however, the coin is performing rather well, even though it currently struggles with a resistance at $0.30. Its recovery from the mid-March price crash was long and rather weak. But, its investors were quite pleased to see it take a more active role in the bull run as of July 21st. Currently, the coin is trying to breach its major resistance and revisit the highs it saw in February 2020.


Last, but not least, there is Chainlink, the 5th largest coin by market cap, and currently the only one on this list that is trading in the red. LINK’s price currently sits at $17.13, which is around 0.35% lower than 24 hours ago.

However, a small correction is hardly surprising, considering the massive growth LINK has seen in the last several months. Starting in March, LINK’s recovery turned into a rally of its own, and the coin simply kept going.

In the last five months, LINK surged from $2.26 to $18.30, which made it one of the best performers this year. While its price was rejected by a barrier at $17.5, the coin is currently closing in on it again, likely as a continuation of this exceptional surge.