FTX and Copy Trade Bitcopy Form a Capital and Business Tie-up

As Hong Kong-based leading crypto currency leverage exchange, FTX has entered into a capital and business partnership with Bitcopy, who provides social copy trade service. This will result in excellent traders appearing on Bitcopy including Leaderboard rankers who use FTX and users will be able to use the copy trade for free. In addition, new customers will be guided from Bitcopy to FTX through copy trade service.

It is essential to ensure liquidity in a crypto currency derivative exchange. For FTX, which is ranked 6th in the world in the trading value ranking of derivative exchanges, the number of users is growing, and the capital and business alliance with Bitcopy, which provides the original trading strategy, is an opportunity to change the power of the industry.

Through this partnership, many excellent traders such as FTX’s leader board rankers will participate in Bitcopy. This has great benefits for both traders and users. The reason is that excellent trader can get a kickback of the transaction fee by registering with Bitcopy. There is no way not to register because there is no financial risk. Also, by using FTX, users can realize the same trade in the same environment as excellent traders. By increasing the number of excellent traders and available exchanges in Bitcopy, it is expected that the number of users and trading volume of both FTX and Bitcopy will increase, resulting in the customer attraction and service improvement. It can be said that it is a capital and business alliance that anticipates the maximum synergy effect.

“Further expansion of customer base will be realized by investment and partnership in Bitcopy. We welcome that the spread of SNS trade will increase the liquidity of the entire cryptocurrency industry.”

– Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX

“Through investment and partnership from FTX, we expect to acquire excellent traders and diverse users. By providing a platform that allows beginners to automatically trade in the same way as professional traders, we will contribute to the expansion of the volume of global cryptocurrency trade.”

– George.H, CEO of Bitcopy

Bitcopy has more than 2000 followers. Bitcopy is a global social copy trade service that went into full operation in 2020. It can be said that it is a highly original and edgy service with many differences from other copy trades.

Features of Bitcopy

  • More than 110 strategies are available
  • Not only discretionary trade but also copy trade (automatic trading) of system trade is possible
  • There is also a strategy to buy and sell cryptocurrency with crypto currency-specific materials, such as buying and selling USDT issues as hooks

In the case of general automatic trading, there are many strategies that make full use of technical indicators, and if there is a market price, it will make a big profit, but if the market price does not match, it will soon go wrong. However, if you are a trader who manages your own funds like copy trade, and you follow a full-time trader, you will have high sense of stability. It is popular because it can be operated free of charge. If you look at the top ranking trader Prof Alex, you can see that it has a profit of 370% (excluding exchange fees) in a year, which is stable without a major drawdown. There are more than 700 followers and the following amount is about 100 million yen.

Of course, although it is not always possible to show stable performance in the future, there is a sense of confidence just by overcoming the ups and downs of COVID-19 shock.

If you are interested in it, we recommend that you first look at Bitcopy’s ranking page.

The trades of these excellent traders and FTX Leaderboard rankers will be copied to your FTX account.

FTX has an inexpensive fee system incorporating volume discounts, allowing beginners and professional traders to practice copy trade with confidence.

In the future, we plan to collaborate with FTX and Bitcopy, and will create a movement in the cryptocurrency market.

Please contact us for more information.

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