How BUYTEX Is Making Crypto Adoption More Convenient

One of the ways cryptocurrency will likely make its way to the mainstream is by easier and more convenient adoption for all. Several government regulations have been put in place to encourage such efforts. Although, it is also the responsibility of private cryptocurrency companies to make it easier than ever for people to buy, sell and make use of cryptocurrencies. Many firms within the space are doing this but one new cryptocurrency exchange that is particularly impressive in its approach is BUYTEX. BUYTEX has been making waves for some time now. They are collecting a number of international certifications that allow them to operate in various jurisdictions and are making cryptocurrency adoption easier in the following ways. 

Decentralization & Encryption

One feature that BUYTEX has been very open and vocal about is its use of blockchain technology to achieve decentralization on its platforms. This is beneficial for customers and investors in a number of ways. First of all, it means that customer funds and data are made more secure and they are less prone to hacks. On top of this, transaction speeds are made much faster because when trading in digital assets, speed is everything.

BUX-centric Ecosystem 

The entire ecosystem of BUYTEX is based on BUX, which is its native token. Its network is framed around promoting not only the token but the services they offer. This all links to the BUYTEX Network which is the partnership platform for the BUYTEX Group crypto exchange. The partnership platform is a means to promote the BUX token as well as their services. The way this is done is through a partnership tier system in which investors may invest in the platform while also benefiting from future profits. As such, all those who buy BUX tokens are to benefit from future stock profits of the company. The network also serves as an international system of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors to share knowledge. There is also an emphasis on educational content being rolled out for users.

Affiliate Program

One effective way to drive adoption is through the provision of valuable rewards and BUYTEX does this by running their affiliate program. Through the affiliate program, there are about six different ways through which participants can earn rewards using cryptocurrency.

The first is the token bonus plan. Through this plan, there are roughly 5 tiers of membership that offer various estimated outcomes. Should a contributor opt to buy a certain amount of BUX tokens, depending on the plan they choose, they could earn up to 2.2 times their initial contribution in a year. 

Currently, the tokens go for about one cent each. There is also a direct bonus scheme in which users receive up to a 12% bonus on the contributions when a new member joins a team and this is dependent on the plan they choose initially. There is also an affiliate bonus program where users can receive up to a 13% bonus on the contribution when any branch of their affiliate’s tree sees an increase in token volume. This information is accessible through the use of the dashboard and is updated in real-time.

Their bonus plan gives bonus tokens to users whose invitees receive a bonus from the network. The higher the package they choose initially, the higher their possible bonus. For high-performance uplines within the ecosystem, there are many benefits such as iPhones and so on. This is to encourage participation within the ecosystem and have participants not be passive. Finally, their quick start bonus gives bonus tokens to participants who will qualify for higher leadership stages within a short amount of time.

All these programs are created to foster a sense of community and activity among participants. By being rewarded for participating and bringing in new people on their contributions, this can help the network grow faster. It also ties into the overall philosophy behind cryptocurrency as it has always been very much a crowd-backed effort.

Supply Of Tokens 

Like many cryptocurrencies, BUX tokens are not unlimited in supply. Instead, there are 1 billion of such tokens in existence. The management of BUYTEX works to control the token supply as well as increase the demand for the tokens by burning 15% of their income every quarter of the year. There are plans to increase this as time goes on and as demand for the coin increases itself. Once the tokens available in the market reaches 500 million, the burning is expected to cease. This will ensure a long-term demand and stability of the token as time goes on.

Trading Features 

BUYTEX offers the trading of several dozen cryptocurrencies that are prominent within the market as well as the storage of tokens. From the website, it is shown that there are also futures trading available for customers and as the platform expands, more features are expected to be added. The company also features 24-hour support for users and an ever-expanding list of products. We can expect big things from BUYTEX in the next few years especially as their current network set up is designed to foster long-term growth.


BUYTEX is still quite new within the market but it is already showing great signs of promise towards creating ease of cryptocurrency adoption. Besides their international licenses and an impressive roster of tokens, they also offer a community sense as well as a business model that is designed to bring in new customers and have them bring in new customers as well. With time, we can expect to see this model replicated in other exchanges across the world.

Disclaimer: This post was submitted by a guest. Please consult your financial advisor before investing in any cryptocurrencies as they are volatile and pose risks for the average investor. This post is informational in nature and does not constitute financial advice. 

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