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How Ethan Voraotsady Became a Master Networker and Crypto Investor at Just 19

Los Angeles, California, Sept. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — There are two qualities we’d all love to have: we’d love to find it easy to network and easy to invest. Keeping this in mind Ascend Agency is going to cover  Ethan Voraotsady who is still just 19, but has already made a mark with his networking skills and cryptocurrency knowhow, the wholeand has successfully made a living from his cryptocurrency investments. How? 

Being born in the Noughties means having a more natural connection with technology and many young highly-motivated individuals are now making their mark on the world through the internet. The barriers to making money have shrunk significantly, and if you’re smart and have an entrepreneurial streak, you can do some incredible things. And you don’t have to wait until you’re all “grown-up” to take advantage – and that’s exactly what Ethan Voraotsady has done. 

To be a success in our modern age, you need intelligence, drive, and a familiarity with the leverage offered by social media, cryptocurrencies, and the stock market. These are areas where this young man excels. He has never seen age as a barrier and got into cryptos at an early age. 

It takes a huge amount of dedication to understand just what is going on in the world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other cryptocurrencies, because you’ve got to understand blockchain technology. It is not simply a matter of buying in and waiting for the profits to emerge. You must take the time to do your research and have the right set up to succeed. 

It is the same with stocks and shares, but it is a different market where different rules apply. Always a dynamic marketplace, COVID-19 has made investing in stocks and shares even more febrile and coming out on top means you have to be willing to play the long game. 

The fact that a nineteen-year-old can come up trumps in both areas speaks volumes about his ability to analyze the markets and trust himself. That’s something most adults won’t do, let alone a teenager. 

He is also superb at networking, and has successfully helped numerous friends and family get their start in cryptocurrency investing. Ethan Voraotsady knows how to connect with others to get the best information and easily shares his knowledge with others, making even complex subjects like cryptocurrency accessible for all. 

This young man has taken on board completely the multi-income stream ethos that is being spread by this new generation of investors and entrepreneurs, because they understand that relying on just one source is risky. You have to multi-task and constantly come up with new ideas. Ethan Voraotsady is constantly coming up with new ideas for how to market and make more money. 

Realizing the bigger picture, Ethan Voraotsady is always thinking about ways to add to his multiple revenue streams, and is a fan of both big and small ideas, anything from investing to the kind of ideas you’ll find shared on the subreddit BeerMoney, where peers share ideas and help each other bring in a little extra money. 

All these ideas have helped him become financially independent before even reaching the age of 20, when many of us are still living with our parents or living off of loans from college!  

Now, he’s helping other people invest in cryptocurrency too, and using his referral links to make additional income on sites like Robinhood for stocks and shares, trading in the cryptocurrency market with websites like Binance, and KUCoin. 

He also uses his networking and marketing skills to run a number of social media accounts to share information and network with others to find information that helps him succeed in his investing in stocks and crypto currencies. 

Ethan Voraotsady certainly has a bright future ahead of him and has already proven that he’s driven, self-motivated, a self-starter, and a great mentor for others, which are all admirable qualities and certainly qualities that will benefit him as he grows as an investor and in whichever ventures he turns his hand to next. He certainly is one to watch! Be Sure to Contact Ethan at [email protected]

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