How I became an Crypto Investor

How I became Crypto Investor, Easy as Pie

A small story how I can now boast that I have a cryptocurrency Investment funds giving me profits while in reality I have no clue how it works

Ok so I am not a tech buff and do not know a whole lot about the financial markets and industries. It never really interested me.

I am thou very curious by nature and when the world went ballistic about bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies I did wanted to know what it was about

But not enough to actually sit and learn.

Investing in Crypto for Dummies
Investing in Crypto for Dummies

Too many people say it’s a bubble, its fake its going to crash.

What I do know is that certain people always make money no matter what, and that I was and am just not one of those. Sadly enough.

I assume that google eventually caught on to some of my interest as certain banner started to appear on every site I visited.

Thus, I came across this social investing platform that allows you to put money on traders for whom this is their living.

This means I get to have any money manager in their platform that I like:)

And even better yet, I am able to see everything they do

For me this mean I can see how successful they are and what they are actually trading.

Am I now a Millionaire ?

Hardly but I have now more than when i started.

For me the calculation was simple.

My money on the Bank was there only for the bank.

They use it trade with it, do whatever banks do.

In the end of the year I had maybe 0.1% more Pathetic.

Now I invested in the cryptofund (and call myself proudly an Crypto Currency Fund Investor)

Had fun doing it as it is actually a lot of fun and you are learning something in the process. This is social network with a few million people.

I assume most of them have no idea how to trade.

But they have these dynamic tables that show you who is doing good and who is doing great last month last 6 months etc.

I opened an account that they called a demo account, and here I got to play and learn the system which is actually fairly simple.

No risk no fuzz, but it did convince that this was cool, fun and making me money

Am I afraid that everything will collapse.

I was afraid in the beginning till I understood a little bit more about trading.

You see, as a trader you can also make money when the value of for example the Bitcoin ( one of the 4 names I now know) actually goes down.

Go figure.

Then I saw in the news that countries started to use and develop their cryptocurrencies

I saw that banks are getting involved.

I saw people around me making money in this and starting to use it.

Even some Pizza place for god sake will have their own cryptocurrency for their royalty program and you can pay there with Bitcoin.

So, no I am not afraid anymore, the cryptocurrency and blockchains, (thou i still do not fully grasp this) is here to stay.

I going to Ride that train

And so, should you

Social Trading is the next big thing together with the cryptocurrencies I believe I can make my money count there more than when I just leave it sitting on the bank.

Don’t believe me,
talk to one of the people here
and ask them your real questions.

i can just wish you good luck , the future is not waiting

an Now Neither am i ,  Amanda

Guestpost:  Amanda S, K.


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