How To Predict Bitcoin Price in 2020? – About Manchester

Finding the right time to invest in Bitcoin is a critical factor in making profits. The only way to know when is the right time to invest is by predicting the price of bitcoin. Most of the traders and investors wait until the price crashes to pour money in. 

Thus, they invest some money, and then they wait for bitcoin to go up. Basically, they hold their investment for more extended periods. This strategy is known as “HODLING.” Inexperienced traders prefer it as it does not require some special kind of knowledge. 

Bitcoin is very volatile, and predicting the price is not easy. Experienced traders predict the bitcoin price by analyzing the market. Price analysis is essential for traders as it allows them to pick the right time to invest. A trader must always stay informed and up to date, to be able to decide whether it is best to buy, sell, or hold bitcoin. 

What are the types of analysis?

There are three types of analysis: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and sentimental analysis. We will focus and try to elaborate more on the technical analysis as this is the most popular one.

Technical analysis means analyzing the movements of bitcoin’s price throughout its history and examining other signs such as trading volume. Traders who use this technique pay so much attention to bitcoin’s price history as they believe that history repeats itself. They use their data based on the analysis they have done to predict whether the price will go up or down in the future. 

They might not always be right, but they have a clue what is going to happen. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to analyze the charts if you want to know the best time to invest in bitcoin.

What are candlesticks?

Candlesticks are the crucial component of a chart. They are used to describe price action in a market during a given time span. Candlesticks are usually determined by the opening prices, highs, lows, and closing prices of financial instruments on an exchange. When candlesticks combine, they form shapes that help to foretell the short-term and long-term price changes of an asset. Usually, a blue or green candlestick symbolizes the positive price changes, whether a red candlestick symbolizes negative price changes. 


Knowing how to predict the trends and price of bitcoin is crucial to make profits in cryptocurrency trading, especially when trading is done manually. There are also automated trading machines known as trading bots such as Bitcoin Up that will make the best bitcoin investment decisions on their own. This is an excellent option to consider as they will get the job done for you, trading on their own, especially if you are a beginner.