How to Start a Bitcoin Exchange Business or a Cryptocurrency Exchange Business?

How to Start a Bitcoin Exchange Business or a Cryptocurrency Exchange Business?
Image by Eivind Pedersen from Pixabay

Bitcoin means a lot of money, and this is what attracts everyone. You can become a millionaire by using the bitcoin, but you just need to know how exactly can you use it.

Establishing a bitcoin business is like a huge exchange, and you will be able to earn a lot of money doing this. Many have invested in bitcoin, and they have become millionaires and bitcoin, but now is the time that you start the bitcoin exchange platform, and you will certainly be able to earn even more than that.

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Here I will discuss today how you can start with a bitcoin exchange platform and what are the steps that you must take. This will help you to take a progressive step forward in making a bitcoin exchange.

  1. Seek Legal Help

Before you start doing anything, I would suggest you talk to legal help and find out what kind of help is required. This is the basic research that you must do before you decide and finalize that you wish to start your business; first, you need to talk to a legal attorney and discuss your plan.

As far as I am concerned, some of my friends have already started their business of bitcoin exchange and they needed some license. This is where you will need your lawyer to help you get the license, which will enable you to start the business.

In some places, the bitcoin works well, as there is no government and no regulation, and you will be able to make you’re earning. Mostly the US provides you the opportunity to do bitcoin trading easily without bothering much about being illegal or legal.

  1. Ask for Funding

Projects related to bitcoin business will need some money; hence after you make your business layout and blueprint, then you better talk to the funders who are willing to give you an opportunity. You can reach out to the people who would be willing to give some funding to your business.

Then you will not have to worry about your capital to establish your business; you can make your plan ask for funding from someone who has a lot of money to spend. Any kind of monetary help would be a help; you can be a 50/50 partner by taking 50% of the funding and giving the rest yourself.

3. Technology solution provider

This is the next hunt that you need to make, find out a technology solution provider that will help you to make technology and a platform to keep it running. There are customizable solutions available which you can use to make your provider that will help you make an exchange however you wish it to be.

You need to do a little research as in which platform would be the best for the purpose you are looking for, and then you can start giving such solutions.

4. Partner Some Payment Processor

If you visit the official page of the bitcoinup, then you will find that you have mentioned the names of some of the payment processors. You must know that all the payment processors are not the same because the fee structures are different, and it matters the most.

You need to determine which processor you want, which processor would help your customers like, or the users will like. Check out the charges and the fees of the processors and then confirm the one which you think will be best with your exchange platform.


While I began writing this article, it was clear that I will guide you about how to start a bitcoin exchange business, but now I want to say a few things. Business is a matter of brain and time; only money won’t help you run a successful business. If you really think that you want to start a business, then you will have to take up the pain of doing tough research.