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The landscape of digital currencies has considerably evolved since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008. Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity as investment tools alongside traditional assets.

The industry is booming with institutional investments and hedge fund managers. Moreover, in the last two years, a number of countries have adopted a crypto-friendly approach by drawing regulations promoting trading and investing in the crypto markets.

This has led to a myriad of traders, institutional and retail, to include cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolio. 

However, the fundamentals and schematics of trading in the crypto markets are significantly different from that of traditional markets like forex or stock market.

Unlike stock markets, cryptocurrency markets are open 24/7, 365 days a year. Additionally, digital currencies also carry a certain degree of volatility in their prices. In the crypto industry, a trader’s entry or exit in a trade at the right time can completely change positions of profit or loss. 

Whaletank: Trader’s Tool To Access Cryptocurrency Markets

In the cryptocurrency market, placing trades that maximize the chances of turning in the favor of trader requires additional tools. At Whatetank, we facilitate our clients with trading tools that allow them to leverage gains from long-term investment as well as day trading from short-term swings.

Moreover, with Whaletank users can access the benefits from volatility in crypto asset prices along with ensuring maximum stability with cryptocurrency trading. 

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency trading, there has been a subsequent increase in service providers offering different tools for cryptocurrency trading. In this article, we are going to look at the unique features offered by Whaletank to maximize the gains with cryptocurrency trading. 

Trading Signals

Whaletank incorporates a professional team designed to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market. The team performs a detailed analysis using technical indicators and advanced algorithms to derive the best signals of a crypto asset. 

With Whaletank, you will not be required to study graphs, analyze patterns, or continuously follow bar patterns.

Instead, you can access the signals derived by the experts and incorporate them into your trading portfolio. Additionally, users can receive these trading signals with ease right from their smartphones.

The interface is integrated with the Telegram app for android as well as iPhone users. A trader can receive daily tips and trading signals on the Telegram application which can be accessed directly from a smartphone. 


Whaletank’s interface is designed such that a trader can easily navigate between different functions. From the dashboard, a user can view all the holdings of their entire cryptocurrency portfolio. 

Whaletank incorporates short-term trading as well as long-term investments. A trader can view all their investments, which is divided between trading signals and long-term holdings, directly from the dashboard. 


A unique feature offered by Whaletank is its auto-trading function for Binance signals. To provide optimum experience to their users, premium members of Whaletank can enable the function of auto-execution for all their Binance signals. 

Through an API key between Binance and Whaletank, trading signals will automatically be executed without any intervention from the user. The live results can be reviewed from a Google sheet.


This feature provides a complete summary of a holding portfolio for all your crypto-assets in one place. A user simply needs to enter the amount that you wish to invest in.

The advanced technological tools of Whaletank will automatically calculate the amount for each instrument that should be included in the portfolio so as to maximize the gains from the cryptocurrency market. 

The user-friendly interface allows a user to easily navigate between multiple functions. The dashboard is divided into three parts which show the entry point for the amount, holdings view by each instrument, and the orders for execution.

The back-end is connected to exchanges and all the data is updated in real-time. 

With the special segment of portfolio news, a user of Whaletank remains completely updated with all the news pertaining to the crypto-assets in holding.


This feature allows a trader to remain updated in real-time with all the latest news from the cryptocurrency industry. The feature is designed to collect data from over 100 sources including the prominent media houses like Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg, The Telegraph, etc.

Additionally, at Whaletank, we also enable the latest developments from regulated entities like SEC, IMF, FCA. Also, statements from influential personalities such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and even CEOs of prominent banking institutions are followed so that users are notified of all the important developments in real-time. 


The cryptocurrency market moves at a rapid scale with the entry of a new coin or token every few days. In this special feature of Whaletank, a user can easily access information about each coin. Moreover, the list is updated every week with new coins added to the market. 

Whaletank encompasses special tools and algorithms so as to predict movements in crypto-assets with precise accuracy. Moreover, access to these trading signals is made easy by offering multiple membership options.

By leveraging advanced technological innovations, fundamental and technical analysis are conducted so as to derive the best results in crypto trading. Also, leading security protocols are used so as to give maximum security to a trader’s cryptocurrency funds and accounts. 

The platform offers a professional service to its users of providing accurate signals while avoiding risky actions and therefore, ensuring their customers’ security and trust. This can be ensured from the high ratings, testimonials, and reviews that it has received on the Trustpilot platform. 

Whaletank Website:


What are the different pricing plans offered at Whaletank?
Apart from a free membership offering users to access the basic features of Whaletank, there are three different types of subscription plans:

  • Gold – (0.05 BTC) – two-month subscription
  • Platinum – (0.01 BTC) – six-month subscription
  • Diamond – (0.2 BTC) – 24-month subscription

What are the different trading signals at Whaletank?
There are two different types of trading signals offered at Whaletank:

  • Margin signals – May used on Bybit, Binance, Bitmex 
  • Regular signals – are conformance with the most exchanges (we prefer Binance).

Apart from the ones mentioned above, what are the special features offered by Whaletank platform?
A fully automated solution for signal delivery for Binance

From an educational point of view, Whaletank provides market updates and graphs with description for almost every decision made by a trader. 

Whaletank developed a special risk calculator for managing the risk (for Margin trading and regular)

How can I contact Whaletank?
You can contact Whaletank through an e-mail, via their telegram channel, or through a live chat option on their website. 

Is there a way to check or verify the results of trading signals from Whaletank?
Whaletank publishes all their results on the google drive.



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