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IC Markets Review |  IC Markets Cryptocurrencies Trading Details

IC Markets has over a decade of experience at the top of the industry and is regulated by one of the most trusted financial bodies in the industry, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).



IC Markets is an Australian broker, with their HQ based in Sydney at the following location:

Level 6,   
309 Kent Street  Sydney, NSW 2000

IC Markets Cryptocurrencies Trading

Leverage up to 1:5
Long or short
ASIC regulated
No commissions
REAL live support!

Cryptocurrency Spreads IC Markets


BTCUSDBitcoin vs United States Dollar CFD2020
BCHUSDBitcoin Cash vs United States Dollar CFD55
ETHUSDEthereum vs United States Dollar CFD44
LTCUSDLite Coin vs United States Dollar CFD33
DSHUSDDash Coin vs United States Dollar CFD4.44.4
XRPUSDRipple vs United States Dollar CFD0.050.05
EOSUSDEOS vs United States Dollar CFD0.160.16
EMCUSDEmercoin vs United States Dollar CFD0.270.27
NMCUSDNameCoin vs United States Dollar CFD0.650.65
PPCUSDPeerCoin vs United States Dollar CFD0.690.69

Bitcoin CFD
The first and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin paved the ways for hundreds of similar currencies and boasts a market cap of over $100 billion.

Ethereum CFD
The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, it is labelled by many as ‘the next Bitcoin””””’. Ethereum has received international recognition and support from giant organisations such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, and Intel.

Dash CFD
Dash’s focus is on instant transactions and owner privacy. Dash has an infrastructure that enables much faster transactions than other cryptocurrencies and therefore displays higher liquidity than many of its counterparts.

Litecoin CFD
Designed by a former Google engineer to improve upon Bitcoin’s technology, Litecoin offers quicker processing times and a larger number of tokens. It is also the first cryptocurrency to implement SegWit, a method of speeding up transaction times without compromising the underlying blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Cash CFD
Bitcoin Cash resulted from a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. It increased the block size from 1 megabyte to 8 megabytes without incorporating SegWit.

Ripple CFD
Ripple is both a transaction network and crypto token which was created in 2012 as the go-to cryptocurrency for banks and global money transfers and has recently experienced a period of growth.

EOS is a decentralized operating system based on blockchain technology. It is designed to support of decentralized applications on a commercial-scale by giving all the required core functionalities.

Emercoin CFD
Emercoin is an open-source cryptocurrency which originated from Bitcoin, Peercoin and Namecoin. Other than being a cryptocurrency, it is also a platform for secure distributed blockchain business services.

NameCoin CFD
Namecoin is a blockchain protocol that serves as a naming system. Since Namecoin is a fork of Bitcoin, it is also a cryptocurrency that can be used for peer-to-peer transactions.

PeerCoin CFD
PeerCoin aims to solve the inefficiency problem of the Proof-of-Work that is used by bitcoin and many other coins using its own Proof-of-Stake system.

IC Markets Trading Platforms

C Markets trading platforms are well known and established throughout the sector. This is because the broker utilizes other major third party trading platforms.

These are offered in the form of MT4, and MT5 from MetaQuotes, as well as cTrader from Spotware.

These are dominant platforms well known to traders throughout the industry and encompass the IC Markets offering through desktop, and mobile trading platforms.

IC Markets also partners with Myfxbook and ZuluTrade for those who wish to access social and copy trading through major reputable providers.

IC Markets Trading Platform Review

IC Markets MT4

MT4 is the most known and used trading platform throughout the forex industry.

One of the most utilized features by more experienced traders in terms of MetaTrader is the EAs function. This, similar to cAlgo and cBots from cTrader, allow users to design and implement their own trading strategies. IC Markets add more depth to this feature by also incorporating EA Labs which allows the trader more flexibility in customizing their automated trading strategies before easily implementing them in the platform.

they offers MT4, and MT5 from MetaQuotes, as well as cTrader from Spotware.

These are dominant platforms well known to traders throughout the industry and encompass the IC Markets offering through desktop, and mobile trading platforms.

IC Markets also partners with Myfxbook and ZuluTrade for those who wish to access social and copy trading through major reputable providers.

IC Markets minimum deposit

In order to open an IC Markets live account, the minimum deposit required is $200. To deposit, your live account will also need to be activated and verified.

IC Markets Bonus and Offers

There are currently no bonuses on offer from IC Markets beyond the usual leverage which is offered by the broker. This is due in part to regulatory requirements which restrict the ability of many major brokers to offer bonuses to traders.

IC Markets Account Types

The broker offers three distinct account types.

  • Standard Account, which offers variable spreads, and utilizes MT4 as a trading platform.
  • cTrader account, which offers ECN services through the use of cTrader
  • IC Markets True ECN, which utilizes the same ECN trading capabilities with low spreads and the use of MT4
  • Islamic Account  – This allows for swap-fee trading for users of the Islamic faith

IC Markets Customer Support

IC Markets customer support services are using all known channels.

They offer several primary methods of contact. The fastest among these is the website live chat service which appears to always be answered promptly and with helpful information pursuant to the questions asked.

Phone support is operational in several countries, namely, Australia, Thailand, and the UK which all provide toll-free numbers to call. Chinese phone support is also available. Office hours typically run from 10 am – 10 pm GMT, Sunday through Friday.

In the case of the Chinese office, this is 9 am – 11 pm Beijing time, Monday through Friday.

Email support is available and performed well under testing, with responses arriving quickly within under 2 hours of submission.


With over a decade in the industry, it is fair to say that IC Markets is a top-broker. they have the right regulation and offer multiple trading platforms for their traders. their cryptocurrency offering is better than most other ECN Brokers

they provide a top quality service and charge a very competitive commission whilst offering flexible trading and the best spreads.