Is it Beneficial to Trade with the BBOD Exchange?

There is a brand-new cryptocurrency leverage platform named BBOD which comes up with permanent future contracts that can be used multiple times and by using token BBD and stable currency TUSD, they can be settled. Users can get a buzz out of free crypto trading by trading with BBD, which is entirely appropriate for daily crypto traders. The alternatives of the profit, misfortune, and account balance in stable currency permit traders to hedge against the high volatility of the digital currency market. If you want to invest in bitcoin, visit to explore cryptomoney

BBOD Exchange review

Bitcoin’s everlasting trading platform is BBOD and this platform is a non-custodial platform which means that it does not take care of the client’s digital assets and their private keys. To secure their assets, they can store their funds in a single wallet on the blockchain. BBOD has a rapid, ongoing, and super quick coordinating motor that runs in a decentralized way on the blockchain. The platform provides a variety of encrypted contracts, which can trade multiple times and leverage relative to TUSD. BBOD cooperates with GMEX Group, one of the world’s most well-known electronic trading operators, which has developed the most advanced price matching for BBOD. The main purpose of the trading platforms is to add some new resources in the future including commodities and foreign exchange pairs.

Benefits of trading with BBOD

● Trading with BBOD will help you in trading economically.
● If you want to trade freely without risk of getting hacked then trading with BBOD will ensure your full security.
● Trading with BBOD will keep your trade as a mystery or secret.
● It will provide you a charting platform which will give an amazing response to advanced trading tools.
● If you’re trading on BBOD then you can trade globally.

Is BBOD safe to trade with?

Yes, it is totally safe to trade with BBOD as it is a non-custodial exchange that runs on the blockchain in a decentralized way which is absolutely safe and secretive. Unlike other crypto exchanges which store funds and private keys, BBOD is not responsible for the user’s private keys. As BBOD does not store funds, there is no risk of hacking and stealing.

Depositing funds on BBOD

If you want to deposit in BBOD then you have to buy BBD or TUSD on the platform because BBOD only accepts deposit in them. To get alternatives for deposit methods, BBOD has merged with coin exchange providers Changelly, Trust tokens, and Shapeshift. To give support to various assets that can be exchanged for TUSD you’ll need these providers so you can start as soon as possible. And to exchange any of these supported assets, a fee of 0.5% will be applied.

BBOD Leverage

50x leverage on Bitcoin and Ethereum contracts, 25x leverage on EOS, Litecoin, and Digibyte is provided by BBOD. Trading with leverage can prove to be an amazing and powerful tool for the trader as it gives an advantage of increasing your balance by small price movements. It works by laying down a small part of the total value of the transaction-the exchange provides the remaining deposits to expand the size of the position without taking up funds.

BBOD Security

Trading on BBOD is completely safe and secretive as it does not keep users’ digital assets and private keys which means that there is no risk of hacking and stealing of your private data. If clients want to store their private keys then they can store it in their smart contract wallet on ethereum blockchain.