JK Business School organizing Management Developing Programme (MDP) on Cryptocurrencies’ Trading & Investing Strategies

Gurugram: JK Business School (JKBS), a leading B-School in the country and a member of the JK Organisation, which has a legacy of 135+ years of contribution to the industry and education sector in India, will be organizing Management Development Programme (MDP) on Cryptocurrencies’ Trading & Investing Strategies from 16th October onwards. The objective behind this program is to introduce the participants to learn the art of taming BTC and ALTS from the very best in business. Through this program, participants will learn how the big institutional investors, whales, or retail traders avoid general pitfalls & trade Cryptocurrencies to grow their portfolio by employing cutting-edge tools & frameworks, and consistent trading and investing strategies.

Management Development Programmes (MDP) provide participants with the opportunity to refocus, to immerse themselves in the latest thinking about best practices across several disciplines of management, and provide them with personal and professional tools to strengthen their effectiveness as a manager, leader, and their overall career.

The program also provides a global context for enhancing awareness and organization-wide thinking, from the challenges of leading change and transformation, to working more effectively in uncertain environments and harnessing technology to ensure that systems and procedures are optimized. The topic for this year’s MDP is Cryptocurrencies’ Trading & Investing Strategies.

Cryptocurrencies have created a shift in the way people look at money today. Everyone is seeking how to potentially buy it, trade it amidst high volatility, use it to hedge against falling dollar & rising inflation, and hold it as a “store of value”, especially across the impending slowdown.

Through this MDP, some of the topics on which participants would get insights on are:

1. How Crypto ecosystem works

2. Why it takes time and effort to understand the Cryptocurrencies

3. Why it makes sense to add Cryptocurrencies in your portfolio

4. Does Bitcoin ( the most well-known Cryptocurrency) act as an inflation hedge or hedge against the falling dollar or what is its correlation with the precious metals such as Gold.

5. What % of your portfolio you must allocate to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies? How do you rebalance your portfolio to tackle Bitcoin’s extreme volatility and avoid maximum drawdowns on your portfolio?

Commenting on the program, Prof (Dr.) Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School said, “Management Development Programme is designed to offer essential know-how to streamline the process of management training and ensure fast growth in career. This helps individuals who wish to gain rapid growth in their management career and make use of the gained knowledge, skills, insights, and attitudes to manage managers, workers, and organizations, efficiently”. He further added, “We have chosen Cryptocurrencies’ Trading & Investing Strategies as the topic for this year’s MDP because the world is becoming more reliant on the internet and transactions, Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency which is secured by cryptography and holds great potential in the present times. Thus, no topic can be better than understanding and taming Cryptocurrencies for this year’s MDP.”

The Program will be coordinated by Prof. Kuber Sharma, the Country Head of a US-based endowment. Prof. Sharma is a seasoned investor, active trader & passionate Educationist. An alumna of Value Investing program at Columbia Business School (USA) Prof. Kuber has been mining, staking & trading in Cryptocurrencies since 2014.

The program is open for institutional investors, retail investors, students, or anyone who loves to manage their own capital and wants to learn about Cryptocurrencies’ Trading & Investing Strategies. The Fees for the program is Rs 4,000 per participant.