Leading Crypto Aggregator CoinCodex Upgrades Mobile App to Version 2.0

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinCodex has upgraded its mobile app for iOS and Android devices to version 2.0. The free app is designed to bring the wealth of information that’s available on CoinCodex to mobile devices, while emphasizing features that are valued most by users on the go.

The 2.0 version of the CoinCodex app brings a host of improvements, with special emphasis placed on features that were most often requested by the userbase. New additions include customizable price alerts, an expanded news section, new types of market data and extended chart options, as well as an overview page that allows users to easily track the best and worst cryptocurrency markets.

The portfolio and coin overview sections, which are the cornerstones of any mobile crypto tracker, have been overhauled to offer a faster and more intuitive experience. Other sections of the app have also received subtle redesigns to improve usability.

The CoinCodex mobile app shares the same extensive library of more than 7,000 coins trading on over 300 exchanges with its desktop counterpart. Users can browse through all of the cryptocurrencies listed on CoinCodex, or personalize the app’s home screen by adding specific coins to their watchlist.

Most cryptocurrency investors use their mobile cryptocurrency tracking apps to monitor the performance of their investments, and this is where the CoinCodex app’s portfolio feature comes into play. The portfolio tool enables cryptocurrency investors to track the real-time performance of their holdings in one place, or analyze the profit/loss generated by their crypto investments in a specified time period.

Custom price alerts were integrated in the CoinCodex app to ensure that users are not caught off- guard by the sudden price movements that are commonplace in the nascent cryptocurrency market. The intuitive feature allows users to select a coin and specify a price at which the alert should trigger – the app takes care of the rest and alarms the user when the selected price threshold is reached.

First released in 2019, the CoinCodex app has become the go-to mobile tool for thousands of cryptocurrency investors. Despite the overhaul, the CoinCodex team has ensured that the 2.0 version will still deliver a familiar experience to existing users.

About CoinCodex

CoinCodex is a cryptocurrency listings website and data aggregator that displays real-time information for 7,000+ crypto assets trading on more than 300 different exchanges. Users can access a wealth of data for each cryptocurrency that’s listed on CoinCodex – the platform covers the basics such as price, trading volume and market cap, but also caters to more advanced users by providing historical cryptocurrency prices and technical indicators.

The CoinCodex platform also features an extensive database of token sales, industry events and decentralized applications. The CoinCodex offering is rounded out with unique content, including the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain industry news, how-to guides and cryptocurrency service reviews.

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