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MTI Members Portal: The Gateway to Expanding Your Bitcoin Knowledge

Johannesburg, South Africa, Oct. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global adoption of blockchain technology seems to be inevitable. The cryptocurrency revolution that started with Bitcoin in 2009 has forever changed the way in which people around the world see the financial system. From the global domination of centralized banking to a future in which decentralized solutions enable every individual to regain sovereignty over their finances — the groundbreaking potential of blockchain technology can no longer be underestimated.

Mirror Trading International is a company that, since its inception, has always been focused on furthering the adoption of blockchain technology. As the cryptocurrency ecosystem grows more and more complicated, with many new projects mindlessly obfuscating their ideas with esoteric technical jargon, MTI has decided to go back to the basics by creating the MTI Members Portal. It is a place where every one of the 160,000+ members is empowered with free access to educational materials that expand their understanding of blockchain technology.

The MTI Members Portal has proven to be a massive success so far, and it keeps expanding by constantly adding more features. So far, the major components of the MTI Members Portal include:

MTI Tutorials – educational materials helping even people with no technical background gain an in-depth understanding of all the functions of Mirror Trading International. The tutorials come in graphic, video and presentation form, and new content for people at every level of experience is added regularly.

Bitcoin Training – all information for blockchain beginners in one place. Basics of Bitcoin explained in an easy-to-understand way through a variety of documents, videos and infographics.

Business Building & Personal Development – since its inception, the MTI Members Portal has evolved and expanded in accordance with the community’s wishes. Currently, aside from strictly Bitcoin-related content, the portal also includes sections dedicated to business building and personal development, in which the users can enjoy many exclusive materials about subjects such as social media marketing, self-organizing, and starting a business.

Zoom Calls – the members of Mirror Trading International have free access to two Zoom calls a week at minimum, through which an insightful report is given stating the recent developments of the company in real time, and answering any questions members may have.

The features listed above are just some of the functionalities of the MTI Members Portal. The full extent of the portal consists of dozens of videos, presentations, and documents with endless amounts of information. But the most exciting part about the exclusive, priceless information contained in the MTI Members Portal is that access to the portal remains completely free for all members of Mirror Trading International.

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