VALLETTA, Malta, July 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OKB, the global utility token adopted by OKEx (, a world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, recently announced the cooperation with well-known aggregation exchange Coinrule. OKB holders can now earn passive income with a 20% interest on an annual rate and enjoy a transaction-fee discount on Coinrule.

At the same time, according to the latest OKB ecosystem monthly report (June 2020)  released by the OKB team, five other new global partners are participating in the OKB ecosystem — covering wallets, gaming, trading platforms, big data, etc.

During June 2020, a single day’s trading volume of OKB surpassed $300 million, and the highest increase hit 16%. According to a report by crypto-data aggregator CoinCodex, OKB ranked first among the three major tokens that the market should focus on in June. Additionally, CoinCodex believes that the value of OKB will be further enhanced.

Expanding the OKB ecosystem

In June, the OKB ecosystem ushered in six new partners. It’s noteworthy that OKB was listed on the aggregation exchange Coinrule, which provides OKB holders a transaction-fee discount and the opportunity to earn passive income with a 20% annual rate. In addition, OKB was listed on the Russia-based fait-to-crypto exchange Baksman.

In terms of storage, OKB cooperated with two mainstream crypto wallets, Coinomi and Guarda, offering holders a more convenient storage experience. In addition, big data agency Flipside and gaming giant Enjin also officially joined the OKB ecosystem.

So far, OKB has a total of 65 global partners, and the number keeps growing. OKB and its partners provide high-quality services, including payments, trading platforms, wallets, financial services, lifestyle, etc.

OKChain stability test and Hackathon

After the OKChain testnet version 0.10 launched, the OKChain community has completed a stability test. In Cosmos’s Game of Zones cross-chain test competition, OKChain got excellent and satisfying results.

In addition, two functions of approval votes for supernodes and the independent construction of a decentralized exchange officially went live.

To further improve ecological empowerment and user rights, the OKChain community launched a Hackathon, a developer campaign for all users, which will end on July 20, when outstanding teams and developers will be awarded up to $5,000 worth of OKB.


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