OKEx Wraps Up Its Beacon Program Furthering Education in the Blockchain Space

VALLETTA, Malta, July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OKEx (www.okex.com), a world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, has finished its Beacon Program – European Edition, which provided three masterclasses by prominent players in the cryptocurrency space and individual mentoring from top OKEx executives, including CEO Jay Hao and Director of Financial Markets Lennix Lai

Made up of a total of six participants with varying degrees of experience in cryptocurrency, the Beacon Program aimed to further education in the blockchain space and provide European participants – particularly hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic – with the opportunity to explore crypto and blockchain in greater depth and even consider a new career path.

The first class of the series was given by Crypto 101’s Matthew Aaron and Dani Ansalem, which offered a basic introduction to cryptocurrency, what to look at when investing in it, how to buy and store it, and other important factors to keep in mind. The second class by CNBC Crypto Trader’s Lindsay Joo covered the ICO mania, with a particular focus on South Korea and on encouraging participants to examine the real utility of blockchain in a project at the time of investing. 

The final masterclass was given by OKEx’s very own Lennix Lai and took participants a little deeper into cryptocurrency, exploring the issue of tokenomics and why tokens make a far better form of equity than shares. 

The feedback from participants was extremely encouraging, with one student, Phillip Taffley, commenting, “I found the Beacon Program very beneficial, and I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to be part of it.” Beyond the masterclasses and daily news briefings, the program also provided mentorship, which Taffley received from Lennix. Taffley said, “As a newbie to the industry this aspect of the course was of particular interest. It helped me gain a good foundation upon which I built a wider understanding by conducting my own research.”

One of Jay’s mentees, Dmytro Sokoliuk, told OKEx, “Mr. Jay Hao gave me individual advice and said, ‘You can think about what you’re good at and interested in. For the topics of writings videos, etc., it’s always good to focus on what’s new in the crypto industry and give your own insights toward it.’ Thanks to his words, I know that I’m moving in the right direction. […] I want to say an individual ‘thank you’ for each of the lectors and for having Jay Hao as a mentor.”

For their part, the Beacon Program teachers also found the experience enriching. Lindsay Joo told OKEx that she was honored to be included in the program, saying that giving her class was both fun and rewarding, while Matthew Aaron was extremely upbeat, saying that he found the experience very enjoyable. “I love this stuff!” he enthused.

Jay concluded by saying, “We’re extremely pleased with this first initiative of the Beacon Program masterclasses and mentorship. Overall, we found it a valuable experience and are encouraged by the feedback from the participants. Their comments are positive and have also highlighted ways we can improve the program in the future if we run a second edition.” 

Lennix added, “It was a privilege to share my knowledge with such motivated and ambitious participants. I would also like to say thank you to Lindsay and Matthew for giving their time and helping us make this a success.”

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