Ripple: New app enables XRP to be sent to billions of people

  • With the application Ripay it is possible to send XRP over messengers like Telegram, Discord, Slack or Matrix.
  • The universal payment identifier PayID is used for this purpose, while its application creates many new use cases for XRP.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies has a significant impact on the distribution and acceptance of cryptocurrencies by the population and companies alike. Ripple provides payment solutions to enable cross-border transactions to be processed in a short period of time at low fees. A new application enables XRP to be sent via well-known messaging apps such as Telegram or Slack.

Ripay promotes adaptation of XRP for millions of people

At the PayID Hackathon, Xpring CEO Warren Paul Anderson announced the winners The hackathon, which was financially supported by Ripple, aimed to explore new use cases for XRP and PayID. There was prize money of $25,000 and more than 360 developers participated in the competition.

Anderson, Ripple CTO David Schwartz and Ethan Beard, SVP of Xpring, summarized that the proposals submitted exceeded the jury’s expectations in many areas. First place was awarded to PayID Validator, a developer tool that provides smart features for validating PayID response headers.

However, Ripay received the most attention in the community. Ripay developer Kuyawa Kata explains that the decentralized application was created to facilitate the sending of money worldwide. Ripay provides an interface that is compatible with messaging apps such as Telegram, Discord, Slack or Matrix, using the universal payment identifier PayID:

Powered by the Ripple network and the XRP Ledger, it allows you to send money around the world in seconds with nothing more than a simple message like ‘Pay 10 to George,’ and now thanks to the PayID protocol, you can send payments to external users without knowing their Ripple address, ‘just Pay 10 to george$’ and the money moves like a message in just a second.

Telegram has 400 million active users per month, Slack 10 million, Discord 130 million and Matrix 10 million. Ripay thus supports the adoption of XRP for millions of people worldwide and uses messenger services, whose user numbers are increasing daily. The following video shows how Ripay works in detail.


Third place went to the Unisend project, which works similar to Ripay. Unisend links a classic bank account with Unisend and enables money in the form of XRP to be sent directly to other XRP wallets worldwide. It relies on PayID, so that no long account numbers have to be transmitted, but a simple “Send $10 to Robert” is enough and the person receives the corresponding amount of money within a few seconds.

The Largest bank in Europe does not yet use Ripple nationwide

Although Santander Bank continues to expand the Ripple based App One Pay FX, Cedric Menager, CEO of One Pay FX, recently dampened the expectations and hopes of the community. In an interview with the Financial Times, Menager explains that One Pay FX still needs to be deployed and tested in further payment corridors before a full rollout can take place. Nevertheless, Menager says the bank is satisfied with the results of Ripple’s work.