Ripple: XRP transactions will increase by 1,000% by 2025

  • Independent researchers predict a 1,000% increase in XRP transactions by 2025 due to the sustainable nature of the XRP ledger.
  • Ripple supports the open source tool EW Zero, which helps other blockchain companies become carbon-free in cooperation with the Energy Web Foundation.

Climate change worldwide is unstoppable. Ripple is one of the companies that have been committed to building a sustainable infrastructure for cross-border transactions for a long time. Indeed, sustainable measures to reduce CO2 emissions in all sectors of the global economy could save an estimated $26 trillion by 2030. Due to the sustainable architecture of the XRP Ledger, researchers predict a strong increase in the use of XRP.

XRP is up to 61,000 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin

As Crypto News Flash has already reported, Bitcoin‘s energy consumption has risen to an annual consumption equivalent to that of Portugal in 2019. This makes XRP 61,000 times more energy efficient than BTC. If one million transactions were carried out with XRP, 79,000 light bulbs could be supplied with electricity for more than a year. In the case of BTC, more than 4.51 billion light bulbs could be supplied with electricity for one year per 1 million transactions.

Ripple is therefore pushing the sustainable orientation of the XRP ledger and is doing excellent in comparison with the major cryptocurrencies. As the company announces in a new report, Ripple is committed to achieving a net carbon zero target by 2030. Ripple is working with the XRP Ledger Foundation, Energy Web and the Rocky Mountain Institute to achieve this goal.

By using the open source tool EW Zero, the XRP Ledger is expected to reduce its carbon consumption step by step. According to the new report, independent researchers predict that XRP transactions could increase by up to 1,000% by 2025 due to the “green architecture” (low energy consumption):

With independent researchers suggesting that XRP transactions could grow by more than 1000% by 2025, this has massive implications for energy savings and the carbon footprint reduction of blockchain-driven finance.

This development is mainly due to an ever-increasing environmental awareness of companies and the population. For example, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, also supports its companies in investing sustainably, developing sustainable products and discussing climate-related risks with companies.

Ripple has also joined the Center for Climate Alligned Finance initiative launched by the Rocky Mountain Institute. This conglomerate is committed to bringing the world’s largest financial services providers together to shape a low-carbon, sustainable economy and society. New financial technologies, such as the Blockchain, can make a decisive contribution to having a positive long-term impact on the climate.

Ripple CTO registers for Spark Token Airdrop

On 12 December 2020 the airdrop for the Spark Token of the Flare Network will take place. David Schwartz, CTO at Ripple, supports the project and has informed the community on Twitter that he has signed up for it. XRP owners can secure their free Spark Tokens using a tool from the XUMM banking app and the XRPToolkit.