Satoshi Nakamoto’s unspent BTCs worth $10.9 billion

As the crypto industry evolves at a rapid pace, few cryptocurrency exchanges stand out from the many hundreds of cryptoexchanges available based on the total value of crypto assets in dollar terms held on their exchanges. 

Data from PeckShield, a security blockchain company, revealed that as at June 30, 2020, the global digital asset exchange asset balance rankings (in terms of BTC+ETH+USDT assets converted into US dollars) are: 

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Coinbase Exchange, with total assets valued at $11.1 billion, ranking the first place. 

Huobi Exchange total assets of $5.79 billion, ranked second. 

Binance Exchange total assets of $3.45 billion US dollars, ranked third, 

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Bitfinex total assets of $2.99 billion, ranked fourth, and 

OKEx Total assets of $2.52 billion ranked fifth, 

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BitMEX, Kraken, GerminimtGoxBittrex. ranked sixth to tenth respectively. 

Quick fact: Crypto exchanges are simply exchanges or platforms that facilitate the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another, the buying and selling of crypto assets, and most times the use of normal cash (fiat currenciesin exchange for a digital coin or cryptocurrency. Crypto exchanges also help in determining the rate of these cryptocurrencies, based on demand and supply mechanisms. 


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In addition, taking into consideration the number of BTC & ETH addresses, only Coinbase ranked first with a total of 18.52 million addresses, Binance ranked second with a total of 5.42 million addresses, Bittrex ranked third with a total of 3.23 million addresses, Bitstamp ranked fourth with a total of 3.19 million addresses, and Huobi ranked the fifth, with a total of 1.93 million addresses.  

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This nearly 100 million in the address label, contains  BTC address 60 Wan +, ETH address 30 Wan +, which the Exchange address labels nearly 53 million, accounting for over 75% of total coverage, including Huobi, BinanceOKEx, Coinbase Hundreds of exchanges including ZB, BitfinexBitstampPoloniexBithumbGate.ioUpbitKuCoin, and other head exchanges. 


Recall that about a month ago, Nairametrics reported the four biggest crypto exchanges since 2018 (Coinbase,  Binance, Huobi, and Bitfinex)  that received about 40% of all BTCs via exchanges this year. 

The next ten crypto exchanges collected 36% in a combined volume of BTCs, leaving other smaller exchanges to share the remaining 24% of transfer volume. 

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It should be noted that the process of finding the address of the exchange has a certain complexity. We first need to collect a part of the deposit and withdrawal addresses as seed addresses, and then use the Cerberus tool on the chain to crawl and store large amounts of related addresses. At the same time, we will also conduct the necessary off-chain verification of the mined addresses to ensure the accuracy of the addresses.