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For many new cryptocurrencies, a significant sign of progress and success is being listed on more and more prominent platforms, especially crypto exchanges.

This is because these exchanges are the means by which most people are able to buy, sell, and otherwise acquire cryptocurrency, and being listed on the prominent exchange is often a sign that a cryptocurrency is popular and valuable.

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This is the case for SaTT, which recently announced listings on two prominent cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchanges in question are KuCoin, which is a centralized exchange, as well as UniSwap, which is a Decentralized exchange.

The announcement of this was made on September 18, 2020, by the American-based company.wd as.

Big Changes Come to SaTT

This is not the only recent development for the company as it is currently at the end of its initial coin offering which made news in the last few weeks.

The ICO made news because it was able to exceed the $1 million mark within 48 hours and also exceeded its softcap of $3,360,000 in less than a week.

This was remarkable because the ICO market is largely considered to be depleted, but its success shows the confidence of the public in the project.

Now, the public will be able to access their native SaTT token on the two exchanges. The management of SaTT has thanked the public for their support in a recent statement.

“To all who believe in SaTT and continue to express your amazing support for the SaTT token sale, as a show of our tremendous appreciation, we are going ahead of schedule with our token listing on the 24th of September.

“KuCoin is a world-class digital asset trading platform and we are proud to be listed on such a reputable exchange. For the DEX supporters, we have selected UniSwap, the leading decentralized permissionless exchange,” said SaTT CEO Gauthier Bros.

The sentiment was reiterated by the management of KuCoin, more specifically KuCoin Global CEO, Johnny Lyu.

According to him, the exchange has always been a home for hidden gems within the cryptocurrency community such as the SaTT token.

Furthermore, he reiterated that his company is happy to support promising blocking products with its financial services, which include trading and staking.

“Digital advertising is a billion-dollar market and we have seen SaTT’s potential to develop a new advertising solution with lower cost and more transparency,” he said.

The project is a social media-focused one that allows influencers to be rewarded for the creation of content based on the performance of the content in question.

This taps into both the social media influencer space as well as the cryptocurrency space which might explain the popularity of the project. The SaTT platform has just fully launched in the third quarter of 2020 and now, it is moving its attention towards crypto exchanges.

The Token to Be Listed on Multiple Exchanges

From September 24, 2020, the token holders of SaTT can start making deposits on various exchanges in anticipation of trading.

The trading pairs that will be made available will be announced when the deposits formally open on the various exchanges.

It was also announced by SaTT management that five more exchanges have formally signed on to list the SaTT token although the names of the exchanges have not been made public just yet.

So far, the project has raised over $4 million with over 13,400 active SATT token addresses in existence. This number can be expected to increase once active trading begins to take place across the various exchanges.

It is also notable that the exchanges to list the token and not just centralized exchanges such as KuCoin but also UniSwap which caters to those who favor the decentralized platforms with permissionless exchanges.

The SaTT project was developed by the team at Atayen Inc. which has previously worked with brands, such as Coca-Cola McDonald’s and Disney.

The company took a bold step going into the ICO market which in the past was riddled with fraudulent offerings for which the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States is still conducting investigations.

Many had considered the market largely dead, but the success of the project shows otherwise. When the project first came to light two years ago, it took a while for it to find its footing, but the team focused on creating the final project which is now seeing fruition.

Once the additional exchanges to list the token are announced, customers will be able to make deposits on to them in the coming weeks.

Following this, it is only a matter of time before it becomes obvious whether or not the token’s previous success in its ICO will translate into its price on exchanges.

Disclaimer: This is a contributed article and should not be taken as investment advice