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Simplify Your Trading Experience with Advance Multi-Trading Cross Device Platform: Orbit Network

Dallas, TX, Aug. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Orbitex is a multi-trading cross-device platform that makes trading far simpler and safer, with its unique value propositions.

Trading can be complicated in all its forms for beginners. It is difficult to know in which stocks and companies to invest in, what keys there are to guarantee and maximize returns, and when you do figure those out, the next moment of confusion rises on the question: 

How do you begin? What is the best platform?
Thankfully, Orbit Network INC. with their amazing Orbitex addresses this fundamental problem of global traders who are impatiently waiting to start on their trading expedition with no limit over the deposit and withdrawal.

For traders who are interested in trading directly on the Stock Market, Indices, Forex, Commodities, and Cryptocurrency, Orbitex is their one-stop, all in one platform that lets you do just that without getting a banker or an agent involved and minimizes intrusion and rush in your process. With complete control over your trading experience, Orbitex lets the Orbit Network global traders access the most important virtue of trading – providing a simple, transparent, and comprehensive application available over iOS and Android operating systems.

In spite of the strides the trading experience and trading community has taken, there is still the lingering absence of a decentralized trading platform that supports cryptocurrency payments. Although digital brokerage has caught some speed in recent years, especially for the influx of modern trading platforms, investors still continue to face obstacles to avail of the services offered on them.

Classic methods of approaching trading, however, take the cake for most roadblocks faced. With a feeble attempt to catch on, they have had to develop decentralized offerings with the promise of zero cost and simplification in the process but it still comes with an opaque information system, restrictions on variety and opportunity, and limitations on withdrawal and deposit. Meanwhile, traditional brokerage firms and banks are still involving a third party in the form of an advisor or an agent, compromising privacy, and still under-servicing their patrons while overcharging them.

Orbitex endures to attest that traders can experience trading differently, more privately, with more transparency and more seamlessly. It is the first platform to approach its functioning from a different perspective – from the perspective of its customers and acts in the interests of its customers as a number one priority. Orbitex strives to deliver transparent information, intuitive strategy, and sophisticated and direct access to 5 different markets, through a tiered offering and does not involve the ominous hidden fees making sure the customer is in the driver’s seat of the trade, with a full view of the traffic ahead with there exclusive payment gateway over NYE Coin.

Orbitex was developed and launched by an expert team of developers, software engineers, and designers in between the ensuing global pandemic and still has managed to boast of thousands of customers already. It was built to be a filler in the gap of trading, with the sole thought and purpose of providing its user the most effective, the simplest, and the most transparent method of buying and selling shares, and all of that through a mobile app from the private comfort of your living room minus the slobbering third-party agents looking to make some extra bucks off of you. 

Orbitex now comes with investment opportunities of over trillions of dollars, all of it made available and one tap away from its Orbit Network INC. global members using their mobile application to navigate trading and investment possibilities directly in more than 100 stocks, indices and etc. over their outstanding mobile application.

The application launched its beta version for the first time in August 2020, with access opportunities to some of their private traders. Encouraged by its wild success, the team at Orbitex will finally make an official launch of the most unique trading application of all time over The App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users. The official launch is scheduled to happen in September of 2020 limited over some locations on the globe, as the team embraces and straps their seatbelts in for its takeoff into the mission of simplifying global trading market for the rest of the world and bringing to people’s phones and electronic devices the wonders of a fully decentralized trading platform for the best customer experience.

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