The Litecoin Blockchain Gets its Own RPG: LiteBringer – Decrypt

In brief

  • LiteBringer, a fantasy RPG game developed by Cipsoft, is now on the Litecoin blockchain.
  • Users need a small amount of Litecoin to play the game, as all in-game transactions use the cryptocurrency.
  • Games have used blockchain tech previously, but this is the first time a big game has been launched on the Litecoin blockchain.

LiteBringer, the PC-based game developed by CipSoft, has gone live today. The fantasy-themed RPG runs on the Litecoin blockchain, giving players the ability to earn and trade Litecoin by completing quests and trades.

Many games have entered the blockchain space in recent months. Between a retro Space Invaders arcade machine paying out rewards in Nano, and Satoshi’sGames’ Lightnite shooter letting players trade and compete for Bitcoin, the relationship between cryptocurrency and gaming is growing. However, LiteBringer is the first time a big game has established itself on the Litecoin blockchain. 

“LiteBringer embraces the revolutionary potential of the blockchain like few games before. As a truly decentralized application, the whole game takes place in the Litecoin blockchain, with no servers involved, giving the players unprecedented control over the game,” CipSoft said on the LiteBringer website

LiteBringer players will be able to leverage the Litecoin blockchain to level up their RPG characters, trade in-game content with other players, and earn Litecoin through the game itself. Whenever a player performs a transaction with in-game loot, such as purchasing a new weapon or cosmetic content for their character, that transaction will take place on the Litecoin blockchain. 

In other words, access to the game is completely reliant on a player’s access to Litecoin. Even character creation and mission availability is tied to Litecoin, so players will need at least a small amount of the cryptocurrency in their wallet to start playing the game.

LiteBringer takes security and true ownership to the next level because literally every game operation is engraved into the blockchain,” Ulrich Schlott, lead product manager at CipSoft, told decentralized app tracker Dappradar

To secure their assets, players will also have a password and private key which will ensure others cannot access their account. 

With every in-game transaction occurring on the blockchain, LiteBringer developers specifically chose Litecoin as the most suitable host for the game. “LiteBringer is very vulnerable to spikes in transaction fees. If there is a spike—which happens in Ethereum from time to time, our game would become unplayable for this period,” the community manager at LiteBringer told Decrypt, under the pseudonym Constantin (CipSoft has a policy of using pseudonyms after employees were threatened over a previous game).

“Our game needs a blockchain with low transaction costs which don’t spike,” Constantin added. 

According to Constantin, another advantage to using the Litecoin blockchain is the opportunity for players to truly own their assets. “For instance the famous game Crypto Kitties: the kittie is a token whose data gets interpreted by a server. The token without the server is just a piece of gibberish data.”

In contrast, LiteBringer offers true token ownership to players. Constantin said, “Our game is different. As long as there is a client and a miner, LiteBringer is immortal—and so are your assets.”