Fancy , The Luxury Shopping Marketplace Offers Discount for Bitcoin Purchases

Fancy , The Luxury Shopping Marketplace Offers Discount for Bitcoin Purchases

 People that have a large amount of Bitcoin and actually want to use them  ( you remember this is the actual purpose of the cryptocurrency 😉) are always looking for the places where to sue their coins where they are worth something and they do not have the use regular currencies.

Fancy Now also allows just that, this online store that holds a huge selections of luxury goods is a looking at the future and sees cryptocurrencies as a means for its customer base to connect to them. They offer   a large selection of  of luxury shoes, high-end gadgets and much more.

Now you are able to buy your goods online by using both Bitcoin and BitcoinCash, and additionally offers a special discount for cryptocurrency shoppers.

Cryptocurrency Discount on Luxury Goods

The, which is a a curated luxury goods marketplace featuring well over 250,000 different high-end products, has made it known that because buyers that use cryptocurrencies will save them a lot of money they are able to offers their good on that discount.

The company doesn’t have to pay any credit card processing or fraud protection fees on orders placed with Bitcoin and this will result in lower prices. So all who pays with bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are able to use the special discount code “crypto,” in their check out shopping cart  can just type in the discount code “crypto,” and the price will instantly be reduced by 3%.  In order to see this in the big scale is that the average customer on this site spend well over $1000 thus making even 3% worthwhile

This is what we want to see from the retail Industry!!


  “Maybe we can be a part of the start of an enduring effort where all eCommerce companies adopt crypto and share the cost efficiencies with consumers.”   Fancy CEO, Joe Einhorn,

Bitcoin Cash Adaptation

The website already started accepting crypto payments on the platform via Coinbase Merchant Tools back in the early 2013.

However, in the beginning of 2018 Coinbase discontinued the product in favor of its newer Coinbase Commerce service and suspended custodial solutions for


merchants. This had as a result that companies like Fancy had to look for an alternative as making payments in cryptocurrencies become more difficult, which is for us who love the cryptocurrency wave actually the opposite what we want to see happening

So Fancy now switched to Bitpay.

Now, along with this recent change, the online marketplace has also started accepting BitcoinCash payments.

bitcoincash offered by Bitpay
bitcoincash retail shopping offered by Bitpay

Accepting Bitcoin Cash on Fancy is just the next step and the right step within the evolution of cryptocurrency use  to create a more frictionless commerce online and gives vendors the ability to conduct transactions in the most efficient way possible while saving costs at the same time



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