Go365 to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading Offer with Promising Features

Go365 is an online trading brand specialized in providing cryptocurrency-related contracts

The positive performance of cryptocurrencies in the past year had spurred a new wave of inflows into the market. Both retail and institutional traders had shown interest in digital assets, but their unwillingness to deal with traditional exchange platforms had contributed to the development of the trading market. Go365 is one of the brokerage companies now offering access to the cryptocurrency market, allowing clients to profit from continuous market volatility.

Superior performance and user interface

Fully aware of the challenges raised by trading in the cryptocurrency market, Go365 had to come out with next-generation trading technology and provide a proprietary solution for clients wanting to profit in a fast-paced environment. The trading platform provided by the company is web-based and at the same time, compatible with any Android device, enabling traders to stay in touch with the market at any point.

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With the Go365 platform, traders that open a trading account will be able to conduct comprehensive technical analysis, use some of the most popular trading tools, and gain access to the latest trading technology. The company promises fast order execution, as well as superior performance and user interface.

All top cryptocurrencies in one place

Since having a broader exposure on the cryptocurrency market is one of the top priorities for traders who want to keep their risk under control, Go365 currently provides access to contracts based on all top cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Binance Coin (BNB), are just a few of the tens of different cryptocurrency contracts available.

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There’s no need to have multiple accounts on multiple exchange platforms in order to get to trade a particular cryptocurrency thanks to the offer put into place by Go365. Trading costs represent another important subject to bear in mind. If usually, blockchain and exchange fees were a real pain, things change completely when it comes to crypto-based contracts.

Usual spreads are overnight swaps are the only trading costs involved, while deposits and withdrawals could be done for much lower fees, depending on the method chosen. At the same time, clients won’t need to bother anymore with blockchain delays or security issues, considering that they will not hold the underlying cryptocurrencies.

Another important aspect that must be mentioned has to do with regulation. Most of the big cryptocurrency exchange platforms don’t work with fiat money and as a result, they don’t fall under any regulatory requirements. Cryptocurrencies are not yet fully regulated assets, but with brokers like Go365 AML and KYC compliance is a must. This means traders will actively get involved with cryptocurrency and at the same time, they won’t need to worry about regulatory uncertainty

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