Litecoin (LTC) Plays Testbed for Bitcoin and Therefore it is Worth Hoarding

When it comes to identifying trader’s interest in a project, volume is one important thing to be looked in to.  The overall volume which is being traded in several exchanges has been reportedly low for LTC. Despite several investors beginning to think that nothing is happening at Litecoin, long-term users have their own reason to hoard Litecoin (LTC).

Despite what the price charts have to say HODLers do not seem to show weakness of any kind. Some of the investors are strangely speculating partnerships between Cardano and Litecoin!

An alternate opinion from Sydney Ifergan’s tweet:  “Litecoin #HODLers have a reason to stay. They know being in the game for a long-term makes all the difference. The “n” number of possibilities which cannot be tried on the #Bitcoin Network can be tried in Litecoin.”

Criticisms apart, Litecoin Foundation tweeted:  “CTV (CheckTemplateVerify) is a soft fork proposed by #Bitcoin developer Jeremy Lubin. #Litecoin is once again looking to prove that what is good for #LTC is good for #BTC Want to learn more about CTV & LTC’s role as a test bed?”

Jeremy Rubin have been developing a soft fork called CTV and he has been developing it for Bitcoin. Creating smarter custody solutions and supercharging lightning channels by routing limitless HTLCs without any kind of interactive set up are the notable use cases. Since, implementing new technology in to Bitcoin is not an easy task, Jeremy has been working to build consensus on to the technology and he hopes to prove the value of CTV by adding it to Litecoin.

Litecoin is very similar to Bitcoin in many ways; however, it is faster than BTC. And, not it is very obvious that Litecoin is serving to be a testbed for something that can be executed on Bitcoin.

Litecoin (LTC) Consistent Long and Strong

Charlie Lee seemed to agree with the Hot potato view which read:  “I believe fiat currency is like a hot potato. We are all incentivized to spend, but not save. You have to invest and take risks to save for the future: a bug not a feature. The last one holding these currencies will always be burned. Check out my first article below!”

The practical reality is that money should keep flowing. For as long as people accept it, it has value.  When people stop accepting it, then it is worthless. Cryptocurrency which is backed by an active use case is worth holding long term. We need to look at how Litecoin has been consistent, long and strong for more than 11 years now.  It is here to stay.